dream of a great room

i just woke up from an interesting dream. My parents had bought a big house and I’d walked through it a bit earlier. It had 3 bedrooms – one big one off to the side of the house with an extra room opening into it, then in the main part of the house, two smaller rooms. later, they made a big deal out of giving me a really nice suit. I put it on and it was really comfortable – not wool, which I am allergic to, and it made me look nice – really grown up and powerful. They made a big deal out of making me come look at the house with them. (Minnie was still in high school, by dream magic.) “Come look at the big bedroom” said my mom. I went in there and it was all done up with a million bookshelves and my bed and fancy new bedspreads. It looked like a cross between a library and a victorian whorehouse with a sort of chinese art objects theme. “I figured you guys would take the big bedroom and Minnie and I would have the small ones,” I said in shock. My dad really gruffly described how he built the bookshelves for me. I was amazed. “This stuff is too nice… I’ll mess it up… all this bamboo stuff is really cool but I know I’ll break it.” My mom said “Oh no of course you would be careful since we went to such effort.”

Suddenly I realized something. “Where will Rook and Moomin go?” I mentally started rearranging the room “Oh, Rook will stay near his work and we gave Moomin to these other people.” I freaked out. “What!!! How could you think that I would arrange my life like this so I couldn’t be with them!?”

Outside, the house was high on a hill and was part of some kind of national monument. There were beautiful stone arches and old wooden bits like a covered bridge but painted elaborately… maybe like a circus wagon… There were people everywhere who had been there to listen to a speech by some Reagan era S & L scandal banker who was bashing the current government. I was supposed to make some sort of speech, but I skipped out and went clicking down the hill in my sensible yet grownup shoes, looking for Moomin and Rook. I then realized I was dreaming and was about to wake up. I managed to hang onto sleep a little longer in order to ‘fix’ the dream, at least until I had Moomin safely with me again.

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