Tomorrow very early I will wake up and see the grey wispy foggy dawn – or pale stars in a strangely clear sky – and resolve to wake up early more often to see the empty day before it fills up with people and things and happenings…

I will call a taxi.

Coffee will flow into my veins, very strong coffee that is like licking a metal fencepost, and liquid gold, and the musty smell of very old books. I will un-wither like a plant getting watered, like in that guy’s time lapse video of the wilted coleus magically perking up.

I will be on time at the airport. In fact there will be time to get a bagel. No snoring, cologne-wearing, elbowiffic, falsely jovial guy will sit next to me. I will not be unnerved by the plane taking off. There will be vegetarian food that is not completely gross.

The translation conference will be perfect. They will find space for my reading that got left off the schedule. My roommate will be nice. When I go to the Harvard library to see manuscripts, no one will be snotty, and I will not feel a nasty pang of regret that I did not go to a fancy university. People will give me free books. I will not stammer during the Declamación. “Composite” will be praised. F.F. will like my translation of Las mujeres de mi generación. The guy who translates Agustini will give me all sorts of helpful historical notes for my homie J. de Ibar. My idols will have lunch with me. All shall love me, and despair!

Missing Moomin and Rook will just make me appreciate them more in every way. (I will diminish, and remain a simple geek maiden, and pass into the West…)

And the hotel will have wireless.

May it be so!

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