Had fun last night – I went out by myself wearing the ridiculous sparkly thrift store dress I got from Minnie. My ass hangs out of it. The sharkskin coat went with it quite well. Played several games of Fluxx, discussed books, picked apart LOTR movies. Said obscurely witty things that occasionally someone else understood. We had small fireworks and I began spouting pseudo nautical jargon at the smell of the powder and did some loon calls to bring in the new year and drive out the demons.

I felt heartily glad that I was at a nerd party and not at some sort of bar or club with “cool” people. Huzzah for geeks!

whump as we left the party touchingly said he would drive up 101 ahead of me “to run interference” with any drunk drivers. This was noble of him… as if he would crash into them for me?! Heh.

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