migraine, babysitter.

I dont’ know what happened to me last night but while we were playing our rpg I got this weird ominious feeling of doom. And started to sort of hallucinate lights and the light in the kitchen shining at me was hurting my eyes. I kept thinking my head hurt and oh no, I can’t be getting one of those headaches? Can I ? I refuse to have one? If I just try hard enough not to be neurotic and think good thoughts.

Suddenly I realized i was lying down on the couch and it hurt to keep my eyes open and I had been rubbing my head for kind of a while in desperation. I realized that pronto I must go lie down in the dark and be away from all noises. And I made it so. The hallucinating feeling came on very strong. I felt worried that I was going crazy and I felt like I was falling. Um. Very weird! Took 1 meclazine and half a vicodin and fell asleep at 10:30 which for me is an incredibly unheard of impossibly early bedtime.

I guess this is migraines. I woke up feeling sort of hollow and fragile and tenative about life. My head is not killing me. The odd ominous feeling persists.

I took Moomin to a new babysitter. He was amazingly chirpy about it and after I did some explaining – “Here is my plan, first, we go to Carid@d’s house, she is a new babysitter and I will play with baby Osmar and his daddy and mommy today. Babies are so funny because they poop in their diapers. Ew! Then, Mommy goes to pack and work hard, then, you pick me up and we wait for Gma and Gpa to come visit.” Good boy! He is remarkably accepting of change sometimes and I left him happy on the carpet with the baby playing with a wad of new toys.

The mom who recommended Cari to me managed to totally not impress me. “She’s CLEAN. I have seen her house and it is CLEAN.” Somehow manageing to convey that spanish speaking people might not usually be clean. As if I am clean? I can’t imagine what is going through this mom’s mind. whisper: “And they are VERY POOR. I saw their house and they are so poor. I gave them TOYS and clothes for their baby. I think she is desperate for work. But don’t worry because she’s VERY CLEAN.” Eastern europeans can be really freaking racist. <--- my own racist observation. Dude. Cari and husband obviously super nice and her english about 1 million times better than my spanish. She showed me around her house as if to prove it was CLEAN. What is cool is that she lives right around the corner from Moomin’s school. i wonder if she could pick him up some days. I realize we did not negotiate payment! oops! Bulgarian mom (okay she is not bulgarian but let’s just pretend) told me that “she is so cheap, 7 dollars an hour.” okay that is fucking sad. I refuse to be chintzy about that and will pay her the going rate. Likely this will screw some other moms out of a dirt cheap babysitter but tough shit. I recall my ex-friend, Wandy, who wanted to pay her faithful nanny and house cleaner a way lower rate once she had her baby “because then it’s like less good babysitting because she has an extra kid. and if I were sharing a nanny with someone else it would be only 7 an hour each. So, i shoudl pay her only 7 an hour now instead of 12.” Um! good god! now that’s feminism for you! This was only one of the things that made me un-friend Wandy, who liked to think of herself as generous patron to the masses. Last night as I drooled off to sleep I remember saying to Rook, “I will sleep. I will sleep all night and i will wake up completely better.” Like magic, this happened. I am now going to pack boxes with books, load them into the garage, and maybe also pack the kitchen stuff. I could also go buy more sticky felt and felt up the bottoms of the bookshelves. If it stops raining I will haul kitchen stuff over.

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