Moomin up in night definitely having asthma. It has happened before but a little harder to tell what was happening. This time wheezing. hideous coughing and nasty ropy mucus. Him saying it hurts in his chest and being kind of panicked. I fed him antihistamines and explained things to him which seemed to help. ie “I really want to help you and i know you feel so yukky, so miserable, I will pat you (percussive dislodging of mucus) and give you juice and medicine. ” also I told him that this happens to me too, and it’s really hard. That crying makes it worse. And that it helps to try to distract yourself and think of something else. I actually think he understands this part. Anyway I read him little books until he was calm enough to drink the juice with the medicine.

Well, one thing having asthma is good for, i know it is actually hurting him and I can be properly sympathetic.

I have been making him watch me take my allergy shots so he can see how it hurts but I am brave anyway. poor Moomin. a year and a half of grimly hopeful breastfeeding has not spared him my allergenic fate. I feared it was so.

what i need now is some albuterol syrup. or singulair or whatever they give tiny people with asthma.

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