as usual

As usual I feel much better in the morning though with a sinking feeling that today will be the same and no progress will be made on my “real work” and I will spend all day waiting for the plumber, wiping up crumbs, shopping for beaded lampshades, applying duct tape, and tootling around on the piano while overcome with a fierce disappointment that it doesn’t sound like lovely crystal but instead like a plonking mae west movie from 1932.

The thing to do is to work on the Real Project whatever that is, first so I can feel the instant relief.

I had the possible plan of going to the beach and lying there like a seal, but now I think that won’t make me feel better but just more anxious that things aren’t being done.

new plan:
1) wait for plumber while working on Feminary essay
2) lunch w/ friends
3) beach? probably not. Instead, more Feminary definition entries.
4) tonight: persuade Rook to help me with coding for Feminary

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2 Responses to “as usual”

  1. Jo

    Piano must be tuned.

  2. badgerbag

    the piano tuner comes on Friday morning! i hope it helps. my teeth are gritting. chopin in old time saloon is Just Not Working for me.

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