hot geek guys

Rook’s regular expressions are so long! and so hard! and so fast! and he types them so spontanously on the command line! I swoon as I watch him code on my project.

7 Responses to “hot geek guys”

  1. Jo

    oh, get a room

  2. Bill Humphries

    Get a room?
    Get a parser.

  3. J

    A parser? Fie! Real Men write their state machines by hand in C, or better yet, assembler.

  4. Jo

    see badger? now you’ve got them all bumping chests with each other. soon the threats, the posturing. you can’t be too careful with hot geeks.

  5. mixup

    yeah, but even bumping chests hot geek guys are still hot. I made an oblique star trek reference to a new sysadmin at work and he nonchalantly fielded and returned it without the corporate types around even knowing there were in-jokes afoot. *swoon*

  6. Jo

    Pierre, you need anger management classes. And it’s time to quit your crack habit.

  7. Jo

    Badger? Comment blocking?

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