sheet music

no classical piano sheet music at the Miraculously Fabulous Music Store in my town. Alas. Maybe the library and xeroxing?

I can’t take any editing rigiht now after working all morning for McCoot. Parts of our conversation were interesting but then he has to start in on some sort of crap. Obvious gambits to provoke me so he can flog his anti-feminist crap, as clearly his ex wife and current totally non present mythical wife won’t put up with it. F@lse memory syndrome indeed. what unsavory thing will he wish to discuss next? I put some commas into the f@n fiction sample he gave me and I gave him some general advice on writing fiction and some exercises to try. but I will not discuss the actual goodness or badness of the work with someone who is supposedly paying me 20 bucks an hour to file his papers…. I got barely any filing done and feel sort of weird about being paid to just sit and chat. I enjoy hearing and talking about @rtificial INT and n@rratives and r0bot emotions, that is fun, but I am pretty ignorant of such things and don’t know formal logic, or the history of the whole discipline, so what good am I. Also, he can be very hilarious, if ponderous and repetitive (how many times has he asked me if I’ve read t. pr@tchett? nearly every week. Finally, I have.) I feel sad for his loneliness. Aren’t there any other crusty old libertarian guys around for him to kvetch with? What gives? Why fixate on me? As a secretary I totally suck as my handwriting is unreadable and I am v. flaky.

I am reminded of what Mary Daly has to say about men’s necrophilia. I’ll go into this later.

As usual when around him, I felt that everything i say and every move I make is grossly re-interpreted through the @simovian/heinlenian filter of “feisty” or perhaps the unholy trinity of pert, perky, and petulant. If not heinous-len, then sort of like the wholesome married chick named “Cherry” who vacuums the house for Miss Marple. Stomach-turning!

Yet – again with the yet – there is a kind of pleasant way that our minds work alike in a jumping-around, flaky, intuitive way. If he were not an MCP and reactionary conservative it would be fine.

But for now I’m off to do something soul cleansing and non-wordy. I want to transcribe some joropo music for piano. I can do the notes okay with a tape recorder and lots of rewinding. but the rhythm defeats me. i think it is syncopated and 6/8 and so I am freaking confused. I can PLAY it. I kinda need advice on WRITING it.

ooo – free downloadable sheet music!

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  1. badgerbag

    have discovered the down side of free downloadable sheet music. there is no fingering. I need fingering! Well, a vibrator is nice too. hahaha. No seriously it just took me forever to figure out and write in some reasonable finger numbers for the first few bars of some random mazurka i’ve never played before.

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