sitting down to work

I am sitting down to work until 1-ish when I must go record Witter for the poetry book (“Cuts”). I got some good recordings on Saturday night! I bought 100 CDs and paper jackets for them to be stapled into the book. I also did a little research on places to print them.

Note to self, recommendations from Gregorio, “I’ll dress you in mourning” by Manuel Benitez, described as cheesy but a great read and rather odd. Also the vietnamese movie “The Three Seasons”.

Here are my work plans.


get W2 form
Work on wittig enter all french names. (Gentle Readers, I would like comments if you have any on this project)
edit buccita’s translations and send her comments
read Amhat’s comments on my 2 projects (in pink binder)
Organize the 2 school binders
find Ibar. binder and put away copy of the letter from her
edit Rook’s gender article or just make comments on direction, purpose, rhetorical tactics
bug Rook for location of new wittig project code, test it
call copy edge for price quote on Cuts poetry book
Admire newly purpled hair in mirror.
2pm: go to Witter’s house, do recording. Be on guard.
4pm: pick up Moomin, go to play group


work on wittig some more (with rook )
go to kinkos and print stuff. Or, have cleverly bought new printer during the day ?

meet with advisor 10am her house
work on wittig some more, ideally
Read Mrogan’s and Amhat’s stuff for next study group, write comments
Write something coherent about Leticia H.’s poetry. write article on R. Salinas for wikipedia

get new coffee pot?
get Moomin new undies size 5
buy flagstones, more creeping mint
figure out sprinkler system
put up closet rods. (drill, studfinder, chain, rod, my doesn’t that sound kinky?)
box up extra clothes in plastic tubs
buy bread, pb, jelly


Make 40 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bring them to Moomin’s school. Oh, the glory of parenthood.
Lie in bed, catatonic.

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2 Responses to “sitting down to work”

  1. squid

    How much printing do you need to do? As you can print stuff here, you’re going to be here anyhow.
    I also need to buy small boy undies in anticipation of potty training Leelo.

  2. badgerbag

    I shall bring my compu, then, and also bring some undies. I think a lot of Moomin’s were originally Merlin’s. Want some 3rd hand undies? they might fit him. Heh.

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