Moomin suddenly obsessed with “jobs”. He told me the other day that he was going to grow up to be a “book reader”. Yes, my child…!

After our 7:30 am reading of “busy busy world” this morning he was cracking many jokes. “I’m an Ice Cream Eater for my work!” “How about _I_ make the peanut butter sandwich and YOU go on the couch and I’ll bring it to you! Hahahah! That would be SILLY!” “I’m a Couch Sitter!”

this morning:

– kid squeezed. cat procured for his lap. kid dressed. kid fed. lunch made. books read. must remember to brush my own hair.

– call printer. do they have the fonts? do they have network?
– make the pdf. upload it.
– go to bank for cash for clandestine paying of printer under table
– go to kinkos and put all the crap on a zip disk if printer doesn’t have net and i can’t download it
– meet pastiche and s. at printer. bring ALL THE BOOK CRAP
– dont forget to put A.’s cd-making friend’s name in the credits for the track we used from that cd
– put the godamned hacek in there. i could not find a free mac czech/croatian font to make an hacek.
– will the printer let us test print it?
– at printer, FIDDLE AROUND ENDLESSLY. as i predict everything will be fucked up and will need fiddling because of paper or printers or fonts or something

yarrrr… please let this not take all day long.

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