Mad inventions!

I thought of a new invention — it goes well with “Hint of Ass” Perfume, Elboff!, Tandem Underwear, and the Sockerchief. As usual, Minnie improved upon it instantly. I am enamored of this new one and its shining brilliance.

Introducing… “The Catula”.

Every considerate cat owner needs a Catula! Your cat is sleeping in a patch of sun… time goes by… you quietly slip the Catula under your sleeping cat, slide the cat a few inches over and voila! it’s still in the sun!

Also useful for sliding the cat to a new location on the couch so you can sit down.

The flexible cutting boards we got from our mom, with two wire and dowel handles or possibly velcro straps, shall be perfect.

8 Responses to “Mad inventions!”

  1. Iris

    Sorry – I don’t quite understand.’Moving’? a cat so you can sit down? I didn’t know that was an option.

  2. Bill Humphries

    The solar cat tracker: a cat bed with a photoelectric sensor and electric drive that will creep along the floor along with the patch of sunlight.

  3. J

    I was thinking more like a mirror mounted on a motorized tripod (one of motorized telescope thingies would probably be perfect) to adjust the angle: Solar Cat Furnace.

  4. Jo

    Of course on cloudy days, artificial sun must be produced and focused on the best carpeted surface available.

  5. mb

    I love this idea – and the name for it.

  6. badgerbag

    I guess that would the Deluxe Catula with the motor and sunlamp 😎

  7. Jo

    Or perhaps dogs could walk on a treadmill to power it.

  8. badgerbag

    no…. silly… mice on a wheel. that way it also entertains the cat.

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