Cookies a-cooking. Compost a-posting. Diva cup a-cupping.

Today I managed to work hard AND chill out.

Everything messy, but I don’t care, for the moment.

Moomin and I went to the boat parade and saw goofy theme boats decorated to look like mars or pirate ships or simply with hundreds of flags and pennants waving and goofy looking people driving. I liked the classic boats division – pre-1965 I think. They made me think fondly of my grandpa Hemulen for some reason. At his best moments he was surrounded by a norman rockwelly halo that had no hint of fakiness about it – driving woody stationwagon or riding tractor mower with a kindly smile… the “classic” boat drivers all had that same halo. Moomin and I discussed the names of boats, and the difference between rowing and paddling.

Later, Jo’s hammock sucked me into a suburban paradise. As we lolled and listened to all the peaceful noises of bird and beetle and indulged in lazy gossip I felt we were also enveloped in that halo, a little… imperfectly… but its light was visible…

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  1. Iris

    There is telepathy here.I was just thinking how happy I used to be lying around in our old hammock and where was it.When I was young my parents had an old canvas Naval hammock with a MATTRESS.The most comfortable thing in the world but they don’t seem to make them new.

  2. jelpalils

    From the moment the first Mercedes-Benz CLS four-door “coupe” was introduced to the public, other German luxury automakers hit the drafting board. According to the German auto experts at AutoBild, Audi is just over a year away from unleashing its own cleverly packaged sedan.

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