I rode my bike for errands and to the cafe, then nearly wimped out with sleepiness. “My project’s done, I can just have lunch and go home and take a nap.” But then on the ride home realized I was just being scared of riding all the way to the allergist’s – unsure of how far I could go. Did I have my phone? Who would rescue me if my knee gave out? Would I mess up the knee and thus be a pain in the ass for everyone? What about the nastiness of my asthma lately?

I figured I could always turn around or call a cab, right? I did some asthma meds in preparation.

At what I thought might be the halfway mark, around at the Target, I realized it was actually pretty easy and not very far and that I could do it. I pumped up my tires. Then I was passing a bike shop. You know what happens next – I ditched my $89 Sears bike that seems to be made of iron, lead, mercury weights, and maybe some radioactive heavy elements or anti-anti-gravity forcefield so that even with both hands I can barely lift it into the back of my truck – with scungy tires that always go limp – with the seat cover ripped off so that i’m half on the bare metal — I ditched it in the bike shop and rode off on a new aluminum frame thing with SHOCKS and a special trying-not-to-go-up-your-crack bike seat. Yo, they even had special womens’ seats and I’m thinking about that. I have often wondered why bike seats seem to be made specially as clitoral torture instruments, like the seams of jeans and certain underwear. WTF. (Or is it just me?)

The new bike made me feel like I was riding a spirited little pony. Happy almost birthday, me! My knees are a little sore, but I don’t feel too worried about it. If I’m still walking tomorrow then all will be well. I can’t help but be a little paranoid about it!

The real birthday present, I am vowing, is that I will be nicer to my body and take care of it. There will be exercise and much lotioning.

I played some chopin. hand not stretching. at my height of practicing a lot I would splay out my hand, and my thumb and little finger would make a perfect straight line, and then I could bend them into a clawlike shape and wiggle them around. Let’s just say I’m not there yet.

More thinking… writing… I finished Vol. 4 of Proust and now can skip to the middle of vol. 5 since I skipped ahead before. The scene in the casino was nothing big. There have been some coy references to sly handjobs in the railway station or in the back of the carriage under a lap robe. I have marked a few interesting passages in the back of the book and maybe I’ll type in some quotes later. I get very excited sometimes at some complicated emotional/philosophical observation. But it always depends on so much backstory that it’s hard to explain.

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3 Responses to “diligent!”

  1. whump

    Well damn Badger, if I had known you were in the market for a new bike, I would had let you have my spare city bike for a song. But new wheels are good things.

  2. badgerbag

    And that song would have been “whump, your bike is way too big for me… la la la… and it’s probably one of those bikes with the crotch-killing bars that I won’t ride upon… la la la…” 8-) But would your spare bike be too small for Rook? He needs one too.

  3. Jo

    what happened to my bike? don’t worry, i don’t want it back, but just wondering

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