I have been trying to think about narrowing my goals. Even as I do things like start writing enormous novels and the list of projects grows ever bigger. What I realized is that the project is not the goal.

Goals i.e. “what I want” in some broad sense (2-3 year):

get more stuff out into the world
be more known as a writer, do readings in diff. places
it would be nice if people asked me for stuff rather than me having to pimp it all the time
be a more versatile writer
continue being an editor/publisher and get better at that – better at layout, distribution, etc
a book that can bring actual royalties, even a little bit
book of my own poetry not published by me
get up to the goal of 48+ pp. of translations published, so I can apply for NE@ gr@nts in 2005
get other grants or awards
get some more teaching experience
get my possibly pointless masters
talk at more conferences
be more expert in the things I like
speak better spanish


1. T@lking D1rty book – (this is now my high priority thing. i should have finished it a year ago.)
2. RP book with Rook
3. translations. stick to the plan of all public domain and immediately send them out. immediately.

4. Finish translating L.V.’s little book – I have committed to do this!
5. annotated bibliography of “flavors of Sp@nish” regional/national dictionaries (for @LTA conf.)
6. research delmira’s homie girls from turn of century Urugu@y/Argentin@ (for @LTA conf.)
* writing lots of poetry (this doens’t need a priority as it happens no matter what else is going on, sort of automatically, but as i allocate more time to it, i tend to like the results better and write more complex things)
* blogging/diaries (obviously, this doesn’t need any special effort either)
* Z.M.’s poem cycle. finish translating it.
* Feminary – finish it gradually over time. post the long essay up there.
* b1lingual poetry annotated bibliography, possibly on-blog
* Morrigan book/ event – (i think this gets abandoned. maybe could instead offer J.Gr@hn to make a cool booklet of it thru t0llbooth? a tiny book just for her, like a pocket poet one? i lust to publish that one poem.)
* translation reading series (this, still possible but i haven’t moved forward. maybe quarterly, not monthly?)
* teach a rec center class – on making books/zines, on feminism and mythology. one on buildilng characters and worlds. how about on blogging!? o yeah. do in library comp center, make them blog right there as i crack signal whip over their heads.
* publishing more little books
* putting G.H.’s book “Whoregasm” on the web as i promised i would
* reprinting G.H.’s book “Fl@me People” – SO GOOD.
* making c1d corman’s wen fu translation in print or web (i have permission from him! and i started typing it up, and I also started recording myself reading it last year… why did i forget this cool project?)
* My own book (M0ther Fr@nkenstein)
* past books – getting them available
* keeping up with local scene, go to p@lo alto slam, w@verley, etc.
* make across the @cheron project realer by calling the publishers to get rights or collaborate with them, hell, get paid by them or something

I was thinking again about teaching writing. I hate the “industry” of it. But on the rec center or high school level it might not be so bad and might not make me crazy. I did notice that I had spontaneous instant advice for McCoot on how to improve his story. it wasn’t going to fix the awfulness of the story, but it would have made the basic writing level better. I also instantly came up with writing exercises for him.
I analyzed Professor DJ’s teaching style for a year (not in writing, but still) and summed up what he did that I thought worked well – short in-class exercises in 3-5 minute sections and then doing round robin of results and asking for a lot of high-level summaries of difficult material. That was v. cool. It made people feel pressured and insecure but over time they got over it.

Actually I’m liking the idea of doing a rec ctr class on blogging. It would tie in with all my ideas on writing as collaboration and community, and I like encouraging people to have diaries. Must investigate. It woudl be nearly effortless, it’s not like i’d have to kill myself making lesson plans or lectures.

I think once i get the MA then all will be reassessed, I’ll work on making more money, etc. but this year and a half is going to be all about wedging foot firmly in a few doors – one toe in each door or something –

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2 Responses to “goals”

  1. Jo

    I like the idea of the blogging class. A lot. I don’t want to teach it, but I like that idea. Imagining everyone from disaffected and prom-queen teenagers to the “fun after 50″ crowd. Rock!

  2. Prentiss Riddle

    While you’re piling up a mountainous to do list, here’s another. Do a Reese’s-peanut-butter-cup-style collision of the T@lking D1rty project with the Flavors of Spanish project. That is, write a book for slightly bilingual gringos about how to t@lk d1rty in Spanish.
    Kind of like this one, but not lame.
    Well, drat. According to this Amazon list there are some other titles to compete with, even one out-of-print audiobook. Maybe you could do the video edition? :-)

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