disgusting beyond compare

This morning I tried to look at my throat with a flashlight. Rook found a weird hugelooking spot on the back of my throat. and just now I had a chain-sneezing bout and coughed up the most disgusting thing ever – one of those tonsiloliths, right? but HUGE. Huge. huge. unbelievable. how long was that in my tonsils? ew.

I must have the nastiest breath ever… lord i hope not… as the thing smelled… well… it smelled a lot like, if you leave rice in the rice cooker by accident for a week and then open it and the rice has all fermented in there and gotten moldy. But worse than that. and it might very well have been some grains of rice stuck in there as it sort of looked like about 3 or 4 grains of rice dissolved into each other. I resolve to gargle a zilliion times a day. That was amazingly gross.

At least I’m not getting sick – I feel fine but with somewhat swollen glands and my ear on one side is all funky… but I bet it’s from the aftermath of THAT THING reaching critical mass.

Finally, we see that chain-sneezing is good for something after all.

No one’s ever going to want to kiss me again after reading this…. ew, ew, ew.

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19 Responses to “disgusting beyond compare”

  1. Jo

    This is entirely new to me. You can grow stalagmites on your tonsils?! That’s it. I’m coming back next time as a bug.

  2. badgerbag

    How can it be entirely new to you? I keep blogging about it! remember last march?

  3. Jo

    I blocked that from longterm memory. In fact, I am working. really. hard. to do so. again.

  4. Chula

    “Traitor tonsil! Why are you so angreee?!”
    (See here and scroll down…

  5. Jo

    Chula, that is REALLY funny. Oh my god.

  6. Ms. Jane

    Oh how totally gross! I love it when really bizarre shit comes out of my body!

  7. Ms. Jane

    Perhaps I should rephrase and say I love it when really bizarre STUFF comes out of my body. Although shit counts.

  8. Tucker Carlson

    Why do Badger’s tonsils hate America?

  9. Prentiss Riddle

    Why does Google Image Search deliver nothing for tonsilolith? And nothing useful for tonsil stone.

  10. badgerbag

    You know, I took a picture of the thing this morning because it was so huge and disgusting. Clearly there is a need. image search NEEDS to see the thing i coughed up this morning, for sure.

  11. badgerbag

    Oh, and here are some totally great tonsil pics and diagrams if you like disgustingness.

  12. badgerbag

    oh. no. ew. here are the perfect photos of it: scroll or search down to where it talks about “crypts”. Ew. ew. ew. It looked exactly like that when we looked in there with the flashlight. ew.

  13. Jo

    Oh that’s IT. I’m finding a therapist.

  14. badgerbag

    If you look hard enough with your flashlight and dental mirror, you can probably find a therapist in your own tonsils.

  15. Lemony

    I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! If you put tonsil crypts into google, you will find info and stuff! The first link has solutions to it! I hope this was helpful!

  16. Lemony

    there, the solution

  17. Prentiss Riddle

    Dig the Saddam Hussein ‘stache on the TheraBreath doc.

  18. Anonymous

    I have this nasty thing, too. After 2 useless trips to an ear,nose & throat specialist, I realized medical science cannot offer me a permanent solution. So I decided to try applying a waterpick once or twice a week to the crypts at the back of my throat,effectively power-washing the tonsil crevices. And it works like a charm. If you decide to do this yourself, just be sure to set the power level at its lowest setting, or you’ll draw blood!

  19. badgerbag

    Gargling has worked okay but the water pik sounds like a good idea too…
    Maybe if I just no I really can’t say that can I?

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