In which i’m immediately cheered by my own blithe whorishness

5 minutes after having a spasm of soul-searching agony over whether I’m kind of jerky for trying to do everything in life and maintain my sluttiness, what am I doing? Sending flirty propositions over email to cute, shy, smiley, nerdy, bookish girl I met at a poetry reading. Really now. It’s nice to be me. Like it or lump it.

Actually that might should be described as “sleazy propositions” not “flirty propositions”.

I am spending tomorrow morning working on Z.M. translation project … I can’t wait… I’m so excited! she says she has a publisher in sp@in and maybe another one in argent1na !!! Yow. Can I pull this off? I wish I’d finished it all months ago.

Rook is making me watch the very first buffy episode tonight. I’m liking it.

And my tonsils feel almost all the way better – I am eating normal food again.

Tomorrow I will take Moomin to the super-great wading pool in Polo Alto. We will wade amongst fountains and spouting water-bicycles and the tiny slide.

This afternoon we were on the swings, and he got on the swing himself (a major achievement – he is short) and pumped by himself, and we took turns saying random things about our swinging: “superhero flying! tree flying! leaf flying! leaf falling off the tree flying! moon flying around the earth flying! truck flying! horses flying! horses galloping flying! happy flying! happy birthday flying! cake flying! ice cream truck flying! chocolate flying! sword flying! spaceship flying! airplane flying! rockets flying up to the moon flying!” I love it when I can start babbling and he will take it up and babble back and forth with me. So much fun.

I have amazing powers, world!

and after this one buffy I will finish Time Regained…


no… it’s a 2 part episode. after these 2 buffys i will almost-finish Time Regained.

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8 Responses to “In which i’m immediately cheered by my own blithe whorishness”

  1. Iris

    I don’t understand this with you and Rook and Buffy.How come he seems not to have warched them originally? And … do you by some impossible chance mean that you didn’t either?

  2. Iris

    I KNOW there’s a spelling mistake – I’m not THAT drunk.

  3. badgerbag

    We had the TV just for videos and DVDs and don’t get any channels really. it’s still this way. I tend to hear people get all excited over some new tv show and just sort of shrug. Also, they are sometimes scary for me even when they’re all funny and ironic. anyway at this pt. Rook has watched them ALL on dvd! this was him making me see the beginning.

  4. Prentiss Riddle

    So tell me, is a girl who gets an unsolicited sleazy and/or flirty proposition by e-mail from a woman she just met as likely or less likely to feel stalked than if she gets such a message from a man?
    (That probably sounds like a slam, or I’m trolling for a masculinist fight, but no, I’m just wondering.)

  5. badgerbag

    I think you had to be there. Context, context, context…
    In a sort of pervy scene where everyone’s more or less knowledgeable about negotiating and stuff and people who have fuckbuddies etc. and go to happy little sex parties, I am okay with sleazy propositions. Yow, at the last B.S. party any time I was standing by myself for like 2 minutes I had multiple sleazy propositions from guys. I did not mind as long as it was all verbal and respectful. I know that scene well and know how to operate in it. Outside of faerieland, I am just as clueless as the rest of you, and resort to yawning, stretching, and casually leaving my arm draped across the back of the girl’s chair and hoping she doesn’t flinch away. Prentiss, I refer you to my embarrassing evening a couple of years ago with a friend of mine where I started to have the wild feeling that I maybe wanted to kiss her and that she was behaving in straight-girl fashion like I was *supposed* to kiss her, but I was paralyzed with fear and had no clue what to do and couldn’t make myself just say, “can I kiss you?” because I just lost my nerve and had no idea what the hell was going on. I was not even sure if she was acting like I should kiss her, or if it was just my imagination.
    Even at a party I tend to go around and gossip a bit if I feel interested in someone before I act on anything.
    But in general. I’m probably more wary of men, sure. Um, it depends on the guy, and the context, and I don’t think you could really generalize “how girls react” at all. I don’t have any special line into the minds of women.
    I’d say as a straight guy, hitting on more or less straight women, I would be really wary of appearing sleazy. So many are in such an unpleasant way. Often in regular life it’s just totally unwelcome.
    Have I ever responded to complete stranger guy’s hitting-on? Probably… um… I think I make it pretty clear when I’m flirting… All the examples I can think of are either when I was 17, or when it was a super queer guy and it was clearly a casual fun thing at a party. is that true? i have no idea…
    I’m sure it also depends on your general attractiveness/charisma.
    I really should give flirtation lessons…

  6. Iris

    Yes – the picture book.

  7. badgerbag

    Jo and I nearly gave pole-dancing lessons to some little children yesterday…

  8. Prentiss Riddle

    That’s a far more thoughtful answer than I expected. Thanks. (And lord, no, I didn’t expect you to generalize to “how girls react” — if that was implied by my question then I retract it and all its children!)

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