my day

Up at 8. coffee. email. make Moomin’s lunch. Dress him. Chivvy him about.
(Rook takes him to school and goes to work)
Make list of things to do. Read blogs a little. Write something.
Laundry. dishes.
Errands (today: phone store. Non-productive.)
I was at school by noon. There’s nowhere to park. Tried to register. Nope! Stood in 3 lines. Sucky!
To the library! Much research.
Class at 4. Fear and loathing. Rook picks up Moomin!
Home around 7:30. Moomin spastic, hyper, wants books and attention. Sit next to Moomin while he bathes himself, lamely on laptop blogging about school. Feel guilty for faking attention. “Oh! Wow! Cool! That orca is pretty tough!”
Laundry. dishes. pick up crap. put things away.
Typing up notes for school. I can see that I will want to quickly summarize each class and get started on what I’m supposed to do while it’s still fresh in my mind.
Moomin just called me back into his room. “You forgot to turn out the light!” Oh yeah.

I listened to him tell me about his day. It was way longer than usual! He can tell about his day infinitely instead of just looking lost and saying one or two sentences.

Tomorrow is the preschool potluck but it is also my department’s annual fall party and I really want to go to this. I’m hauling Moomin to San Fran to a boring cocktail party and he can fall asleep at 9:30 in the car on the way home, poor little bug. Not that I will not enjoy taking him and showing off his cuteness.

The beginning of every month will be somewhat strained as I want to go to 2 readings – Kv3tch in SF and W@verley in Polo Alto. (Friday and Sunday) And as Rook will be at his game con… does anyone want to babysit for Moomin? Especially for Sunday? Friday I can take him with me and leave early (again).

Such shall be the life of the young son of a poet?

He told me tonight: “You have grownup school in San Franc1sco. And you have books and you learn about books. And I have M9ntessori school that is kid school and there are bookshelves there and I have books too.” Yes dear…. That is how it is!

I’m going to haul him to the game con for one afternoon, too, even if I can’t play anything — he might enjoy walking around. Next year he will get to go to W1scon and he might be almost old enough to enjoy it.

tomorrow: mcCoot all day. then the potluck. then the department party. *gasp* will I survive? I think if I plan on leaving mcCoot’s half an hour early, and I write poetry in the campus cafe or in my truck pulled over by the side of the road (as is my wont) then I’ll feel much more sane about everything.

Now: should be reading 100 Yrs in spanish. Am instead downloading cumbi@s. bad!

Okay… I read a few pages somewhat lazily and laboriously… Words learned recorded here as a motivational tool for myself… Actually I think it will get vastly easier once I get going and trust myself more and don’t look up damned near everything.

Note to self. There is no way I’m going to be able to read all this and write papers. this is how people feel when they’re all like “i just can’t keep up with the reading” and “how can i fake my way through the papers and discussions?” and I’m wondering what the hell. I am now at that point. This has never happened before… will I catch up? I fear not. I realize suddenly that it’s bugging me unbearably that I will not automatically be all brilliant in class. I like to kick ass at everything. And here I just won’t. I am a huge huge dork. and what a bratty thing to have haunting me at this point in life when i should be long over such things. I’m just confessing to this because it’s in part the point of this blog to make myself admit uncomfortable things even if they maybe don’t need saying in part because they’re obvious to everyone but myself.

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  1. Prentiss Riddle

    So there’s a Grupo Fantasía doing cumbias alongside Grupo Fantasma. I shouldn’t be surprised, they’re common enough words and good ones for band names, it just struck me. I’ll check out the former, strongly recommend the latter.

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