a bet. any takers?

I’m feeling a little bit dumb for not calling the GYN in the first place. Dammit. I’m not really officially their patient yet… arrrgh.

What do you want to bet, the Bulgarian ordered the wrong kind of blood test? i.e. not an hcG one?

dammit dammit

I forsee an annoying week of having my blood drawn all the time and more waffling.

When I was preg. with Moomin they did my hcG like every 2 days in early pregnancy. it is supposed to double every day or 2, or every day and a half or something. I forget. In retrospect I wonder how I had any blood left at all…

omg. does anyone want to watch Moomin tomorrow morning? Chefily will have him after 4 and maybe a little earlier. I will be okay as long as he peacefully watches tv all day, i think, but… i can’t drag him to the gynecologist and defnintely dont want him in the room for some sort of painful pelvic exam. maybe i shoudl call one of the mom-club recommended nannys and get definite commitment of someone to come and help…

2 Responses to “a bet. any takers?”

  1. max

    I can watch Milo starting at 11:45 or so.

  2. badgerbag

    oh, my god! you rock! i owe you.

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