Moomin’s teacher was nice and apparently daydreaming is still an issue but no longer a big problem.

I was strangely nervous as if I’d been sent to the principal’s office and was on trial! I have to chill in such situations!

Gist of it all:

– Moomin way ahead academically. she thinks he will have no problem at all and will just go on ahead as far as allowed.
– socially he tends to hang with the younger kids who are the same physical size as him
– but we should set up more play dates with older bigger kids
– as he ends up in the “helper” role with younger kids
– he is more outgoing lately and will talk about things he did last week, etc. very participatory, raises hand etc.
– think about summer camp type of thing at the public school this summer to get him used to the place and comfortable being there
– check out some books from the library on bullying etc. (! eeek!) and how to deal with it. “because he is… petite.
– the other kids know to go to Moomin as someone who will read them their book they brought from home, etc. as one of the “can read anything” kids. Sophie also is in this category as one of the best readers in the class. (I see this as great for his confidence level and good that it’s something that’s a social thing .. the school encourages it) The other kids know to “ask Moomin” (my heart swells with pride. Oh, my little pedant! “Little spotty calf, you look like your mom!”)
– if there is chaos, he checks out of reality. (again. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…)
– “in a classroom that is more chaotic than here i.e. next year, because Moomin will just go into a corner and sit down with a book and is no problem academically, he will get kind of passed over or overlooked by teachers.” Yup. This will probably happen. It’s the “no child gets ahead” side of “no child left behind.” I’m not sure if there is any fix for this or if there is, I might just shrug. It was my solution to problems soooooo….. it doesn’t seem like a bad one…
– she thinks the K-2 classroom will be good for him as he will get to hang with the K kids and work with the 2 kids without it being a big deal (much like the mixed-age preschool he’s in)

I should have warned her about how he is reading the sex book this week and will probably talk about it. Oops! hahahaha. surprise, teacher Anarchy! “Guess what! I have testicles! Sperm comes out of the tip of the penis! Also pee! I have organs and cells!” eeek. I’m sure she can deal with it – after Iz last year.

Yesterday it ws fun pickng up Eliz and seeing all the kids come barrelling out of the Pole Star school. The kids were interesting and fun looking. there were kids who were cute and fashionable and ones who were sort of classically nerd-loner looking, and there were many long-haired hippie boys and proto-punk boys, in fact there were ones I looked at and thought “5th grade genderqueer!” which made me feel hopeful. I am happy to think Moomin will end up going there (the G/T public school, grades 3-8). In NY we were all discussing G/T classes and what their effect was. They were not necessarily hugely great or stimulating but the result of them was that you were thrown together with the other smart, weird kids, so you knew who they were. And that was good. The one G/T class was crucial for species recognition. Moomin’s cousin is apparently suppressing a lot of his cool quirkiness and nerd interests so that he fits in socially. If he hits some kind of tracking system later in school it will be more acceptable, maybe, to be odd. I don’t even have a very good handle on whether Moomin is odd or not. Maybe he’s not. (?)

It will be a very strange adventure! It’s hard not to project my own Thing into his experience!

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  1. Jo

    Eliz told me that when LAB is written up on the board as an agenda item for the day, everyone yells and cheers. I squirm with joy for her geekiness.

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