I wonder how many hours of housework I actually do per day and per week? I mean just normally? And I’m pretty slovenly.

Today: coming up on 3, and add an hour and a half for my trip to the drugstore and phone calls and bill paying. I guess another hour and a half for the trip to the dump.

All the rest of the time I was doing preschool stuff – I read the paper at the cafe – playing with Moomin – blogging and reading news. Emailing. I guess I’ll look at how I use my time for a little bit and just see. Maybe I’ll clock in and out of housework to track it for a while. It will be sort of embarrassing, probably.

Another 40 minutes of laundry and trash. rrrgh.

I won’t count the 5 excruciating games of checkers? Or should I? “Aw MAAAAN. You jumped me AGAIN!” It’s like my whole job in life as a mom and housewife is to learn how to lose and like it.

Sorry for the bad attitude… I swear to god tomorrow is for me alone…

Anyone who ever, ever, ever says that I haven’t worked for the last 3 years, I’m going to hit them.

If i had another kid that would easily be another 3 hours a day of feeding and cleaning labor, once it hits preschool, and I can’t bear to think of the nursing stage. Oh yeah, school dropoff and pickup from 2 different schools. What a time-sucker that is. What happened to school buses? WTF!?

Oh, my god… my bad attitude… I love my family… I like having Moomin… I’m glad I had him… I was desperate for a kid… Just… it didn’t hit me that it doomed me for years to the most boring kind of thankless labor. At least at some menial job you can pretty much think (and thinking-type of working is what I need for happiness, okay?) — but as I was just telling the Acrobat, who came in with the baby, bored out of his mind with baby-minding, “It’s like menial labor while your boss is yelling at you and the radio’s going, and you have to answer your boss, and the radio doesn’t stop until you answer it too.”

The moments of sweetness are still really sweet.

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2 Responses to “work”

  1. Iris

    A friend of mine went to live in S.America and was telling me how hard it was to get over his guilt at having a live-in servant but it was the norm there.When I asked what she did, I had a moment of horrible recognition. He had just described my day – but the people round me were not ‘extra-nice’ out of guilt nor did they try in every way to show that they respected me as a person.Being a mother of young children is such a huge and shattering change from being ‘not a mother’ these days that I’m amazed more isn’t written about it. Even now I still find myself automatically taking the burnt bit of toast or the bruised apple.It chips away at your soul.

  2. Prentiss Riddle

    Iris, no arguments about hard it is to be a mother (or, if you reduce that by some percentage, to be a commited and involved father).
    However, is it harder to be a mom to your own kids or to be a servant tending someone else’s?
    I’m sure there’s no one answer to that question. Our after-school nanny is in no way mistreated and our kids are much easier to handle with her than with us. Plus she gets to leave them at the end of the day. That’s a very different experience from your traditional impoverished maid or nanny, who commonly out of necessity has to neglect her own kids to take care of la jefe’s.

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