clorox earthsea

A great interview with Ursula Le Guin about Earthsea — not the statement on her web site. She’s so great!

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  1. bri

    Mer and I suffered through it, both episodes, a couple nights ago.
    I was initially excited about it because I’d read the books as a teenager (the perfect audience for these books) and remembered loving them — although my dirty little secret is that the whole racial angle went completely over my head, so in my mind’s eye Ged was white to me.
    But this was horrible. Yeah, there were some themes borrowed here and there… I was saying to Mer that “I remember the books being a whole lot darker and more ominous than this, where he’s forced to make it just by his wits… I remember them being fairly lonely books.” Instead we got a cheesefest…. ecch.

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