Professor F. wrote me back and totally apologized and was quite nice about it.

i spent the afternoon doing a little writing, looking stuff up, answering emails… some entertainment of Moomin and Sophie but mostly they did their own thing. I cooked while they watched W1zard of Oz. They explained more about Martin Luther King to me and how Miss Margalo at their school told them that years ago people who had different color skin could not play together and that boys and girls could not play. And from other stuff they said it was clear that they were getting some flak for playing together at school and Miss Margalo had stepped in to say that boys and girls can be friends. I must thank her!

i cleaned like a demon just now. next week, maybe Marrqui will come and clean everything… oh god, i hope so… I have lovely visions of how a big enough co-op would fix everything. But really, our 6-person, 4 adult co-house just means that the Pilot and I, both student moms, are freaking out with desperation to hire someone to scrub everything. Oh, the evil. DESPERATE. why should this be so? Will it really help?

tonight I will go read some more uly$$es and take notes. I should look up stuff to put together short sound bite on irish n4tionalism and y3ats and j0yyce and all those people. tomorrow?


morning, I’ll run away to kinkos and print out stuff nicely and mail it off to various magazines and contests. I must write all new cover letters.

afternoon I will amuse Moomin, Nolly needs to borrow my truck, Rook’s best friend Rafael the B movie director comes for a 3 day visit.

night: ?? I want to go to the local art gallery opening thing. they have a poet. i’d like to kiss a little ass. I am pretty sure I exchanged email with the art-mom before but I can’t remember what we said. If Rook is having his horror movie night I don’t want to be here… am absurdly sensitive to screaming of fictional people and their creepy music, even if I’m in the next room with headphones on. I could go off and translate at Cafe Boron.

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