writing a little, etc.

We woke up around noon and went off to have the best dim sum ever…C. says it’s been better at this place (Yank Sing) but it was certainly the best I’ve ever eaten!

Then we wanted to write in a cafe for a while but everything was closed except st4rbucks! I did some rough translations of 4rvelo T0rrrealba poems and looked over what I’ve been sending out to magazines…. then headed home… I saw an enormous rainbow! and there was blue sky and hail alternating as I sailed down 101, which was relatively deserted…

Rook and moomin just back from the movies… then, a bookstore visit. Lots of books read to Moomin… assuaging my guilt at not being here all day just a tiny bit… Rook napping… everything very cosy… interminable games of c4ndyland, the most boring annoying game ever… Moomin fun and sweet though. I still let him cheat at that game.

I wish it would stop raining, it’s so dreary and cold and my hands and knees hurt. My knees are a little destroyed from last night but still functioning and not to the point of painful grinding. Just achy. until late at night I can deal with the pain and still be pretty cheerful… Soon: more Firefly!

despite the rain and exhaustion from not enough sleep I am SO HAPPY today!!!

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2 Responses to “writing a little, etc.”

  1. Mitch

    Yank Sing–it’s a nice place. But if you want really good dim sum, than you have to pry yourself away from C and come visit us in Boston. I’m telling you, we have that place beat, by taste and price.

  2. badgerbag

    o i’d have to pry myself away from quite a lot, but I am dying to come visit y’all!
    Are you being catty about my girlfriend?! You’re naughty and should be spanked. But what am I saying — that is always true.

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