That was a great party… I would love to go into way too much detail! Maybe later today, um, behind a cut tag so I don’t blast everyone’s eyeballs out.

I had so much silly, hot, sleazy fun! Everyone was lovely! It reminded me of the nice friendly decadent feel of the B1W parties I used to go to 10 years ago.

*** Please, don’t click if you don’t want to know! ***

What could be more wholesome than a party full of people being really nice to each other?

I’m warning you don’t read this if it will shock you! Close your eyes before you read it! go back!

No, really, stop reading NOW!


Moomin was left in his pjs with the Pilot and Acrobat. Rook went off to a game night. I drove very slowly in the heavy rain up to the city… C. and I got ready… i was sort of hyper and she was grumpy… but we evened out eventually and then it was time to go… at theh party there was more dressing and fiddling and chatting and coat-checking… I don’t really like to stand around at sex parties having small talk conversations and managed to avoid that for almost the whole time! Possibly that makes me kind of an asshole but there are other times and places for chit-chat!

We established ourselves on a couch and a huge mat and began our insane wrestling match… Chula’s girlfriend Leanne was in a sexy wrestling superhero outfit; a porn star t-shirt and red ruffled undies, wrist thingies and real wrestling boots… CUTE. And we all took turns wrestling each other! Leann’s boyfriend, um, Mr. Hand, was very strong when I wrestled him… I lost… crap! Chula wrestled this guy Hobbes who actually knows real wrestling moves. It was amazing and very hot to watch them. We were all giggling like crazy and cheating – biting, slapping, tickling, spanking… And obnoxiously in the middle of the party yelling “Kill! Kill! Kill!” and “You will never defeat me!!!”

I love to be part of an obnoxious loud dramatic scene where lots of people are watching! and they were.

C. this morning about Hobbes the wrestling guy: “He was in that one porn movie. and oddly now that I think of it, I’ve had sex with at least half the cast of that movie.” My heart swelled with pride! She’s such a slut!

I was in my transparent black “dress” that was kind of like … sheer pantyhose material with a built-in bustier sort of thing and rhinestones… god, I can’t really do it justice by describing it. A see through dress, okay? in a nice fitted shape rather than just being a spandexy encasement of flesh… And this sort of overdress part, also seethrough, with sparkly metallic thread embroidered flowers. and big boots and my hair slicked back with a lot of glittery barettes. Also one of the handcuff-bracelets that Doss made for me once… I lost the other one. I sound like some kind of vapid fashion reporter! But i was proud of my cute outfit and tons of people liked it. chula was “wearing” the jingly belly-dancer bikini thing with a zillion little silver spangly things. omg. Calling it a bikini is inaccurate… it was more of a halter top and belt that didnt’ really successfully transition into “loincloth” but it is one of the sexiest things ever! With silvery platform heels and an ankle chain and body glitter everywhere and little pink streaks in her hair. she was completely stunning! everyone was staring at her… I enjoyed watching people’s expressions when she came into a room… and the belt thing kept falling off which meant a lot of fiddling with it to put it back on. “Oh, you’re so nice to keep fixing it…”

at the beginning of the party the Princess asked me if I would call one of the corners. lord but i’d have no freaking idea what to say and i don’t know a damn thing about which direction means which thing. I mean, I pay attention, but not t hat close of attention. I mention it because I suddenly realized it was a nice mark of respect in a way? like being a church deacon! I would be willing to do it if I were prepared though there are times when it just makes me giggle uncontrollably.

later we were, um I guess I’m not going to go into huge detail but an bitchy lesbian sister was lecturing me about feminism and I persuaded her that to achieve real consensus in our femininst collective she shoudl put her hands and feet in my nice leather strappy things. (the ones albatrossity’s mate made for me lo these many years ago!) what a little bitch! She kept making “I-statements” like, “I feel that when you are dressed up like that you are a skanky, slutty patriarchal wench! You’re not respecting my personal space!” She was in the sling in this sort of nice curtained dark nook and we were just getting into the groove of things when suddenly the curtain was swooshed aside and a little bell ringing. Our quiet nook was actually in the very center of the room. The almost-midnight ritual was starting! The consensus-seeking lesbian sister had her mouth fake-duct-taped shut (so that it was hard but not impossible for her to talk). People called the freaking corners! I didn’t know what was going on and hardly dared look! But if you can, picture yourself in my shoes, suddenly with all eyes on me and my see through, ass-short dress as I ravaged an incredibly sexy, glittter-covered, duct-taped, moaning vixen IN THE MIDDLE OF CHURCH. I was in exhibitionist heaven! I was echoing whatever was getting said about the hot south and cold east, muttering goofy things to her like, “yeah baby! let the goddess enter you! open yourself to the south! hahahah!” and then the countdown started and everyone was going 10, 9, 8… like they always do.

after this i was utterly stupid and incoherent with exhaustion and was mercifully stuck in the sling myself. my plans to be all supertoppy dissolved into the air. i think i just laid there and smiled foolishly for a good long while. Gin, the cute out of town girl, came in very handy!

at one point I looked up at a very amazing long howly howl. “Wow. who was that?” Gin and Chula were like, “Oh, heh heh, that’s 4ngel. She always does that!” Now that’s a community… everyone recognizes everyone else’s funny noises.

After a little more recovery and water and some crackers we topped her in a very sweet muffiny way. Again I had thought about what I wanted to do but instead C. took the lead with supreme toppy confidence and skill and I was happy as I went way beyond exhaustion and incoherence. So I was more of a helpful assistant. We had such amazing goofy fun! We were evil professors! Gin was our promising little student! She had a very engaging giggle. the sort of person you haul off and smack their cute butt as hard as you possibly could and she sighs, relaxes, and then starts laughing happily as you call her a good girl. She wore out both my arms!

a zillion people wanted to play with me which was fun and flattering! but how, when there was not enough time and energy? so I was not hugely flirty with people, but a little with R. and with Pearl, who was awfully cute in a hockey player’s jock strap with garters and fishnets. I didn’t know that hockey player jock straps have GARTERS. but apparently YES THEY DO. Now you know and when you are watching hockey games can giggle to yourself picturing all the players mincing around trying to fasten the backs of their garters. Anyway. There were a lot of people there I would have flirted with or played with, if I’d had time!

unfortunately there were NO CABS and the streets were full of drunk people; we had to walk forever in bad shoes and cram ourselves onto a bus… but even that could not destroy my happy party-going high!

I missed rook and wished he could be there for a lot of things but i hope he will come to the next party as my #1 date!

Just to put it all in context … there have been times when I sigh and think “and now I’m boring… i’ll never get to have wild (yet strangely wholesome) fun ever again… I’m old…” and in the last year I have not felt too old or too exhausted or unhealthy or insecure to do whatever. it’s been lovely. I won’t ever be too old or crippled for fun public sluttiness!!! I don’t care if I get fat or wrinkly, obviously it won’t matter and I’ll always be a hottie because I’m interesting and fun and like to get dressed up in silly outfits.

I haven’t said anything too explicit! I’m sure you can fill in the details yourself.

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