yummy, wheezy

We had the best dimsum out today; me, Moomin, Rook, Rafael, Chula, Leann, and Joss, who seemed excited about spending all yesterday with a bunch of supergeeks doing My+hTV. Leeann and Rafael talked a lot about horror movies but I was mostly paying attention to eating and to Moomin.. suffering from my usual problem of not quite being able to hear people in restaurants unless they are automatic voice-projectors.

We all walked around a little. Moomin is having obvious asthma. I feel so bad for him… I’m also having constant trouble that seems to be getting worse not better. The bronchitis is gone, but the usual overly-reactive airway problem… going from a warm room to cold outside, or vice versa, makes it hard to breathe; laughing; strong perfumy smells or smoke (what was i thinking, about the fancy soap store? I walked in about 3 steps and realized I had to wait outside). At this point… I realize for several months I’ve been saying “Oh, my allergist is going to be quite stern and grim when I finally go back.” And he says if I ever, ever, ever need to use my inhaler, I must immediately come make an appointment because it means my asthma is not under control and it can be and should be. (apparently a giant new change in asthma management philosophy in the last 10 years). I am at the point of using my inhaler maybe 4 times a day and it’s feeling like not enough and that’s on top of s1ngulair pills every night and daily inhaled steroids. I had a major scary attack the other night and was not sure what to do but luckily had my inhaler… I had to do the thing of using it once and then waiting 15 min. and then doing it again. and right this very minute it is like someone is squeezing me deep in the pit of my windpipe. tomorrow or maybe tonight i’m going to go get the hardcore over the counter inhaler epinephrine…

I was reading that P.K. Dick had asthma and back in the 30s or whenever, they gave you methamphetamines for asthma. So from childhood onward he was a speed addict. Wow. From my perspective now I can see that doing megadoses of the0phylline was not good for my mental health but I sure hope it wasn’t on the scale of meth!!!

well.. later this week you will see me suddenly have a giant surge of energy and happiness as I pop huge quantities of prednisone, the feel-good happy pill (at least until it eats away your BONES.)

Moomin is going to have to learn to deal with inhalers. maybe they have disintegrating albuterol pills? talk about speed… he’ll get the shakes…

Rook and R. and Moomin went off to J.’s game playing and fancy food afternoon. I showed up later after some cafe-ing with the other guys, to pick up Moomin… we have been laying around playing Parcheesi and making block castles. Rook is still off at the game night.

Tonight i will read more in Uly$$es and will put together some kind of handout, maybe, or email to the class on y3ats and co. I have been looking forward to that 6 hours of uninterrupted work time!

mild guilt that, had i not spent so much social time this weekend, i could have had more homework done and been able to say yes to the Pilot to babysit Peanut (6 hours tomorrow during my work hours…) but i just could not say yes. I don’t have tuesday to work in, because I will be at the allergist and at Moomin’s dentist. And I can do a couple of last minute t hings on Wed. but with class from 3-6 and 7-10 and major form-signing to get done, I have to leave here at noon.

Off to make dinner for Moomin.

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