the Womble genome

Another haunting thought. How do wombles breed? Clearly Great-Uncle Bulgaria was around in… 1898? And now it’s 1930-something. In 1914 or so Cousin Yosemite left home (and he knew Bulgaria as “Uncle Bulgaria”.) This seems to imply that only two generations of wombles have passed in 35-40 years.

and yet… and YET! The three young wombles (Bungo, Orinoco, and Alderney) had only been born that year and grew to relative maturity in only a few months. They were not very tall, so maybe not at full maturity, but they were old enough to go out and work. I’ve been trying to extrapolate all the rest of Womble physiology and societal organization from this…

And let’s not forget how they eat grass and trash and do all the cleaning up. I am developing a hypothesis that they’re the escaped slaves of visiting aliens.

2 Responses to “the Womble genome”

  1. Chula

    D00d, Wombles don’t breed! They make new wombles out of recycled parts!

  2. badgerbag

    Now I have a mental picture of the Womble spare-parts organ tanks… hideous partly assembled Wombles with long stringy veiny wormy things floating in the (recycled?) saline solution… with pulsating lights and mad scientist glassware… Tobermory looking benign with a bloody scapel in hand, muttering to himself, dissecting a left-behind baby and its teddy bear…
    P.S. I was ready to bet 5 bucks that outrage over the desecration of Wombles would provoke you to comment!

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