We can, of course, ignore crazy people’s opinions

Another small thought on Dworkin. I am bothered by the ways people are dismissing her as “crazy” beyond a certain point, as if she were once reasonable and then when the sex wars tore people apart, she was left on the side of strident, tragic insanity. This is not a good refutation of her arguments. I have yet to see anyone refute her.

Perhaps if I had ever met her I would have made some private judgement about her sanity or being “off” but that doesn’t seem … I think it’s mostly a way of trying to frame off some of her points from others and that is not fair or accurate.

If what she was saying is true, then most of the ways we all live our lives on the most intimate level are wrong and should be changed and that is obviously a hard thing to look at as a possibility. It doesn’t seem so obvious “what is best” or what causes what or what part of patriarchy or capitalism it is “best” or most productive (of what?) to focus on. But as I found in the very annoying “sex wars” I don’t freaking like to have anyone tell me what should and should not turn me on. My own fantasies and sex life, hey, they sometimes disturb me – why pretend I’m all cool with it? In fact I am often not happy unless I am doing the naughtiest-seeming thing that might be a little edgy or scary, because that’s interesting and interesting makes me hot. Unexpected is hot. and Dworkin of course did not argue that, well, Stuff, was not hot. She’s a dirty dog! But that stuff is all the wrong stuff to focus on and wasn’t her point really.

I’m losing my point too but it fits in with my fondness for “Against M3thod”. Newton. Alchemy. etc. I’m too tired to be coherent but thought I’d make a stab at it. You know… what if all this blogging IS just laziness and indiscipline. At times I think yes of course. And regret the waste of my intellectual life, that if I had better opportunities, guidance, or used the opportunities I had better, I’d be kicking ass so hard right now and I’d be able to respect what I produce rather than being so ambivalent about it. And I write stuff like these notes about Dworkin, always meaning to go back and fill them in later, but then do I ever? I like to think that yes, sometimes I do and I’m getting better at finishing things, making things that stand alone. (I know. I have been saying the point is making things and life that does not stand alone. Very well then.) Champion waffling! thinking of how many people finish things, and do the right things, and make crap that’s the same as everyone else’s! Throwing up of the hands and resigning oneself to oneself! Waffling back the other way and thinking of where the indisciplined lives and work of feminists throughout all history have gotten them — hidden and buried. Well, maybe that’s not so bad.

I’m a big maybe, tonight!

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