Ong Bak Thai Warrior 2 was a great, perfect movie! My explosions, fights, jumps from and onto moving cars, and things-on-fire quota has been reached. I feel much happier now.

The stunts – omg, scary. I mean, scary because you knew they were harsh and awfully real. It wasn’t just like, “Oh, jesus fuck, Jackie chan is actually rolling down that mountain” or “is actually bonking down the bamboo scaffolding…” it was like, “Oh fuck everything’s on FIRE and exploding and an 18-wheeler crashed through the flaming building and that guy rode his motorbike INTO it and the bike and truck explode while he is in the air doing a triple back flip and he lands on the ground while kicking two bad guys in the head, all in one cut!” (The end-credit outtakes had more scrambling, freaking medical teams with firehoses and stretchers…) I thought about the movie “All About Ah-Kam” Michele Yeoh’s autobiographical movie about being a stuntwoman, and felt guilty for being entertained, er, for my participation in exploitation…well… and then there was some more cool kickboxing and people being brave & noble….

I liked the gymnast chick scene – on the balance beam! Good thing she learned how to do no-hands cartwheels! And the land-mine-leg blown off guy who had super crutch-fu and tradiational wooden thai carved soccerball-fu. And all the cheesy moments where they are singing the national anthem and have the flag.

Both movies show the “big city corruption” and the super pure villagers who have their problems but are good at heart. & the big city people also are at their best when visiting the village. But their advice and the hope held out at the end of the movie, to the villagers, especially the sweet, tough, ass-kicking little girls, is for them to study hard and come to Bangkok to go to university. Just as in Ong Bak 1, you can’t watch it without thinking of the actual situation in thailand… What I don’t know is anything about politics and what it’s actually like to be a university student, etc.

Also, what does it mean when they tie the white scarf around their heads? It was obviously a ritual… that made him tougher… a dedication to die? (This happened in the first movie too, I think, but in this one, was when he was lying in the dust and then grabbed the coin. Rook called it — “Oh, he’ll look at the face on the coin and…” Yup. He did. I wondered if it was king rama V’s face, or whose?

The nuclear missile thing was slightly dumb, but it was necessary for the big city to be threatened too. I could easily forgive any lameness of the nuclear missile plot.

There was no complicated corruption in the government this time…

And the little girl kicked ass on the guy who killed her dad.

I love how it has the elements of socialist realism but also all the kung-fu-sploitation possible mixed up in one package, and marketed to america…. and that the people who are super enthusastic about it are all the rap stars.

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