Godslayer; nerd girls in bed

I’m in the middle of Godslayer, and it’s so juicy and satisfying! Chula won’t believe me that it derives from Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth series as much as from LOTR and the Silmarillion, but that’s because she has a grudge against Tanith for writing the world’s dumbest Blake’s 7 episode. Because one must never, never commit sins against Blake’s 7. “Tanaros… he’s so sexy… he’s like Avon.” Chulita loves Jacqueline Carey so much that I was nearly thrown out of bed for asking how the desert people know how to swim. Maybe they just know the theory of it through many ages of legend and air-breaststroke. Meanwhile she’s snorfling to herself and reading me bits of awesomely bad dialogue out of some ancient ten-cent Hulk comic book. “Mayhap Hercules shall, and mayhap he SHALL NOT, puny mortal! Father, they know not what they do!” And then the Hulk gets to go to Olympus. Hearing all this gives me the urge to read Tarzan for the millionth time!

8 more pages of the long poem to translate — There’s no way I’ll finish it today. I should be working on my thesis, or on the Ibar. manuscript, or on the mpreg article. Instead I’m in the mood to translate! I realized yesterday while looking up infinitely dirty swears in lunfardo, that this one part of the poem has a clear reference to a dirty joke about an ant and an elephant having anal sex. Does anyone know that joke? I can’t remember it.

And I’m going to put the Godslayer down, back slowly away from the Godslayer… I’m still in the middle of A Brother’s Price, which J. of Blogosity sent me, and I’m saving it for post-Godslayer so that it will cheer me up after the Likely Depressing Fall of Darkhaven.

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