partyhopping wild life of the suburban slacker moms

From that title you’d think I was about to launch into a lurid description of toilet training and being puked on, right?

I got to go to squid’s big party – suprise party for Seymour – for about an hour. I love her parties! As the kids get bigger, everything’s more civilized. But it’s so nice to be in her house & on her deck with the kids swirling around us. I ate jelly donuts, watched the cakewalk, measured the height of the hill with eliz and my GPS (50 feet). Moomin was excited about jumping out and & yelling “surprise!” – and made Seymour a butterfly birthday card. I curled the antennae for him with scissors.

jo & manny & I left the kids at the party… and sent Marroqui to hang out and pick them up and bring them back here eventually! we totally threw her to the wolves… When I got home she was giggling and trying to say how “the three kids together are very funny” but I didn’t get to gossip with her about the party… yet…!

So – I donned the Pilot’s wonderful velvet prom dress from 1988 (or whenever it was) and we were off to Writers With Drinks. In the car Jo made us listen to a very strange funny “song” or spoken word thing of fabulous nonsense. “It’s not the pineapple CHUNKS, it’s the pineapple RINGS. ” WWD was great as usual – in fact this time was unusually great, all the writers were good, Chula was brilliantly funny at her comedy things and introductions of the 6 readers. The rapid-fire opening thing about the subaltern and superaltern, literature, and the bulgarian felching machine, or whatever the fuck… it was dazzlingly funny but can I remember it? No. and the butt-scooting wonder cats. ha! Dotty came, and whump and cyn, and a ton of people… I had a great time. The comedian was especially good – Blake, who read really hot, well-written erotica – the literary/mystery writer, very lyrical – and jewelle g0mez who was funny and great – and the processed world dude, I enjoyed his ranty Thing and wanted to go up to him and blather excitedly about work, unions, housework, patriarchy, etc. Jo and me looking at each other while he talked and probably thinking the same-ish things about feminist theory, feminist economics, and perhaps also about a certain other person’s complex feelings about life, work, etc.

We wished that squid were there! Maybe we can lure her for next time! And I was so happy to have lured Jo. “Doesn’t it seem to you like unusually good quality writing? And don’t you just sit there and think, hey, wait a minute, this person with a bazillion novels published and a fair amount of legitimacy behind them, my writing is certainly at least that good, so wtf am I doing.” “Yup.” I hope she is charged up with confidence and inspiration for her conference! Also, i felt like i was getting to show her off to C. and vice versa.

By dinnertime afterwards, the enormous pink bow on my dress was beginning to bug me – the way it is annoying to have your tits pushed up in your face if you’re wearing a corset, or wearing a clown nose and always being over-aware of it interfering with your vision… We all had indian food…. I had some funny moments of listening to Dotty and C. have a conversation about obscure elizabethan plays so it was like the ghost of cambridge having a sumo wrestling match with the ghost of bryn mawr. C. describing the plots of bad-king-gets-punished plays is still making me laugh and I feel a strange urge to read that one about Cambyses. Oh, my god, C. makes me float up into the sky in a nerdy, nerd-worshipping swoon. I was embarrassed to have not read richard II – i mean, I did read it, but when I was 12 and read all of shakespeare just for the sake of my own pride, and this means I never can say i read it because i dont’ remember any of them very well and they all blur together since i slurped them all in one huge gulp from my mom’s riverside shkspr, which I was absolutely forbidden to read in the bathtub but did anyway. There’s some wavy page edges on that book!

Watching Dotty cruise the erotica writer, B., was entertaining.. she was smooth as silk and extracted the phone number while displaying her peacock feathers of brainy, sleazy interestingness, in about 2 minutes in a crowded bar. I poked Jo so she could observe Dotty in action, but I’m not sure if she groked what was going on. It was the work of a master with a lifetime of experience!!!

I have to say one more time how insanely cute C.’s dress was. stockings with calla lillies on the back seams, and it was a pink chinese style dress with shiny black vinyl or pvc insets and safety pins. and it just barely came down to cover her ass. I wish I had a picture of how damn cute she was!

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  1. Jo

    So funny to write a long post on the same subject and come over to read yours, hivemate.

  2. whump

    I’d describe Chula’s dress as the People’s Star Fleet Comfort Girl.

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