webzine!!! & sf nerds! gaming!

Tomorrow I want to go to the Tachyon party at Borderlands bookstore… they are a really good SF press. (and a great bookstore, dangerous to go into.) But also I want to go to Webzine 2005. Whump went to the last one and said it was just great… sort of like barcamp or blogher… probably some of the same people in fact.

Here’s the webzine schedule!

Chulita is Mc-ing sunday and Leann tomorrow! I wish I could go to both days but probably just one… Possibly with Moomin in tow.

I’m at Cyn’s house with whump and zamber and rook and moomin, playing board games and having a beer… after having sort of a nervous breakdown feeling earlier…even yelling at Moomin a little, and unjustly… and ranting suddenly in the car about how when you see society break down it sort of … destroys part of the illusion, the vision that keeps society together… society exists only because we imagine it,and part of that imagination gets blasted when people go through war-zone experiences…

It’s pleasing and sort of touching to see the houston blogs all now descend to the level of “waaah, i can’t get my latte!” or “my cat is meowing too loud, i think i’ll have another margarita!” instead of “oh my god we are gonna starve to death or drown on the highway and I’m eating dogfood to survive” like the general tone was last night. whew. there are people suffering and scared from being stuck in the evacuation and people will be blasted in port arthur… but actually i do believe help is going to come very very fast.

The beer helps. Ahhhh. And all is cozy. Moomin is playing apples to apples jr. And tomorrow will be … a mixture of more chaotic emails and news-following etc. and I still won’t know what to do. But I’ll go to Borderlands and to Webzine and be surrounded by people doing exciting stuff… lots of writers… lots of the vision that will help fix things, maybe. Good antidotes to my intermittent overwhelming feelings of hideous despair and sadness…

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