I realized suddenly I’ve been neglecting my allergy shots! for months! Oh, my god… no wonder my asthma is bothering me… I’m so dumb sometimes. Oh, la la la i’m just fine, then suddenly my nose is running and eyes itchy and my asthma cranks up and I’m popping over the counter meds, and back on the little UFO-shaped powder inhaler things. Which I don’t even think I have the prescription for, but I’ve got a zillion samples. My allergist Dr. Makestinger is the king of free samples…

Well, next Tues. I’ll start up again. And I’m going to go get my flu shot this morning. Moomin can get his next week.


That was interesting. I made an appointment to get the shot. When I got to the office, the appointment desk people told me that flu shots were only for elderly people because they were most at risk, and I should come back after Oct. 26th. Because of something about the CDC and short supplies. “No, actually, they recommend that you get it if you have medical conditions that put you more at risk. I get it every year. Chronic bronchitis, mumble mumble, look of supreme entitlement.” So… 45 minutes later I got a flu shot.

I asked about tamiflu (oseltamavir) so I can keep it on hand, because I’m paranoid and mostly because of being paranoid over Moomin, family travels to asia, etc. The nurse giving me the flu shot didn’t know what I was talking about, but a little bit of polite repetition got her to go ask my doctor. I opened the door and came to stand outside the exam room so that I would be visible to my doctor… and she nicely came to talk to me and to say the CDC is asking that they only prescribe the tamifu stuff for people over 65. But… I repeated my reasons and my apology that it’s slight paranoia on my part… and she kind of caved and said maybe the insurance wouldn’t cover it. And I said well so what if it’s not that expensive anyway, my insurance doesn’t cover most of meds anyway because it sucks. And if they didn’t I was just going to have to go waste time asking my allergy/asthma guy to prescribe it for me.

That was interesting! The nurse is going to investigate and call me back.

There’s like, the bitchy entitlement where you’re like fucking outraged and yell at & degrade some hapless person who brings you a sandwich with mayonnaise when you asked for no mayonnaise, and for that 5 bucks and your class background you want perfection! and then there is the entitlement I just wielded which is the ability and know-how to keep asking politely and articulately for something that… might be important.

Okay, so basically what I just did is, if it’s true that the CDC is saying it’s overhyped and only old people should get avian flu meds, well, I disagreed with their prioritizing and maybe if there is a giant epidemic disaster, I just fucked some 70 year old in the hospital out of their Tamiflu. So, if they were sitting right there in front of me gasping for air, I would still give the dose to Moomin instead of that random old person. And I’d probably give it to myself too, though I am heroic, I am also necessary to take care of Moomin! And in fact I would justify it all different ways, and it would not even have to be Moomin; I’d give it to some random other mom of some other kid before I’d give it to the 70 year old in the hospital… I’m just saying – I realize I just threw my privilege around (my knowing how to keep asking) and possibly not in the most ethical way.

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3 Responses to “shots”

  1. Alan Bostick

    The thing about the sort of privilege you’re talking about is that you, Badgerbag, are also using it in just the same way when you’re tracking down family members of people displaced by Katrina or Rita. And you used it in spades when you were working in the Astrodome for their sake.
    We can’t put our privilege aside. We can be more aware when we use it, and use it more often in support of people who don’t have it.

  2. badgerbag

    I tell myself that, and hope it’s true, and it’s better than nothing. But I’m not sure it’s true or right!

  3. Dixie

    While I fear I’m going to sound like some fatalistic kook (as opposed to just a garden variety kook), there’s going to be a virus that comes on the scene that’s going to be way worse than they – the “they” that seems to run everything – can dream about and personal survival is going to depend on whether you work and beg and scrounge for what you need or you listen to the “they” and how we need to just line up and follow their rules.

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