the land of too many ideas

Today I’m still overstimulated! It’s been a whole week of overstimulation ever since the mad scientist party.

Last night Quilty and I went to visit her friends Rosa and Cy… and they were so great… i was in awe of their fantastic garden, sort of small, a backyard garden on a slope with a tiny creek but so perfect!!! and they let me look at their books. I had fun trying to figure out whose were whose and asked where their book-reading overlapped. (O’Brien, Hornblower, theology, poetry). We sat on the deck and talked about everything… later Quilty teased me for saying flirty things to Cy about the size of his drum major’s staff back when he was a drum major for Cal in like… well, a long time ago! 1950-something?! Rosa says: she has ideopathic angioedema & hives and i should tell my sister that Doxepin is a miracle drug for it. It’s some psychotropic drug, but works perfectly. You take it right away when you start to feel the ominous feeling that you’re getting itchy and swelling up. Now, she almost never gets it except when her family visits and stresses her out. Also, she says she has the best hives allergist!

then we went to the wedding… I noticed the cute, smily femme-bride had not just VPL (visible panty line) but also VGL (visible garter lumps). I poked Quilty and pointed out that besides being incredibly hot, she was also surely wearing stockings under her sleek wedding dress. Quilty was too busy letching after the butchy bride to pay attention to the garter thing. We were both poking each other and shooting looks in the most misbehaving way. A nice talk with Rickie who is moving to colorado with her partner & they know all about cohousing in CO! discussion of neighborhoods and “playing outside”.

then we stopped by Quilty’s friends MB and Pablo’s house and had to scream outside the locked gate for them to let us in! OMFG but they had attractive books!!! They were super nice. The “whose are whose” game I think I got down – Pablo’s were the DeLoser & Guitar theory books, philosophy, art, and the poetry; MB’s were the Assata Chakur, Domitilia Chungarra de Barrios and the 12-volume set of human rights reports from Guatemala. Quilty got a nice set of spare curtains from them to bring back to Boston. Pablo needs a web site for his upcoming art show. I babbled a little bit about how much he should read P3rlongher — if he likes that kind of theory, and reads spanish, he will eat it up!

then on the way home quilter was in full steam ahead rant mode about waste and efficiency. We agree so completely on this. Why isn’t everything perfect? There is no reason why everyone could not have sufficient resources to not just survive but really try to go for their full potential. And there being a variety of perspectives on what a “wasted life” is, i.e. she knows a person who thinks she will go to hell and she thinks that same person is in hell now, and is living so narrow of a life and doesn’t have to be… And they don’t have to fight about it really but in the meantime why are people starving to death? That kind of waste. We then stayed up until 2am outlining our hypothetical dystopian/utopian novel. We have similar approaches to novel-writing, I think, and … god, I just really enjoy talking with her because we interrupt each other excitedly at a perfectly balanced rate! You know? Well- it’s just a magic thing to end up in a mad fierce conversation like that, and I value it beyond reason!

today Rook and I went to Debbie’s place and got to hang out with lots of people… I had a great time… I heard of several writers who look great & i’ve never heard of them… I’m drooling to read this whole giant series of Jane Duncan books and to ask Iris about them. And – found someone (Vy) who has read Air and we ran off to another room to talk about it — I am dying to talk about it!

Then off to dinner in theory but really we ended up dropping in on Dragonboy’s family so that he and Moomin could play. Monsters! cookies shaped like dinosaurs! amazing toys! a giant set of handmade wooden blocks that they made a zillion years ago! Discussion of what the plural of “triceratops” is — I vote for one triceratops, two triceratops; the Hippie voted for triceratopsii, Low voted for triceraturvies, and I mentioned that the whole class of dinos are called the ceratopsians; and that if one were drunk, it would be triceratipsy. Then we ate the cookies.

Rook is re-reading “A Brother’s Price” and taking notes. He gets a funny smile & says cryptic thigns about making a long game series based on it, or maybe- in the car driving home tonight – an rpg sourcebook. That would be so cool and he’s just the person to do it!

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5 Responses to “the land of too many ideas”

  1. oursin

    If that is the ‘My Friend’ series by Jane Duncan they are lovely books, and if you have access to a substantial collection of them you are very lucky, because they have become extremely hard to get hold of without massive expense.

  2. badgerbag

    They are and I do! I devoured the first one about the Misses Boyd last night and wished I’d borrowed a handful of them.

  3. lori

    Aw, I missed hanging out with you yesterday? Bummer. Next time.

  4. oursin

    The ‘Friends’ are absolutely addictive! – I used to take home armfuls from the public library when libraries still had circulating copies.

  5. Raines

    Not that you need more stimulation, it sounds like, but you can find out more about cohousing in CO (and everywhere else) at
    boardmember, Cohousing Association of the United States
    who just got out of 4 days of a boardmeeting / marketing workshop in Boulder

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