winter is here

It rained! Can you believe it? No wonder I woke up with my toes hurting.

The free hot tub I scrounged from Squid is still not put together or hooked up. I’ve got to get that project done or else it could get ruined in the rain.

I could spread some grass seed on our little patch of dirt. It’s been dry all summer, and that didn’t look as ugly as I’d feared. What else to plant? Maybe some wildflowers sowed at random in the front yard?

The Pilot and the Acrobat are up at their ranch to do the winterizing; they’re camping out in the tepee and vintage Airstream trailer. Did you know they’re going to build an enormous yurt?

Moomin missed his school Halloween party and parade because of his day of barfing. He doesn’t seem disappointed. I think today’s agenda will be low-key. We might all go to the library and have a lesson about Using Your Library Card. Well, it’s nice to see him perky and healthy again! Yesterday after his nap, he woke up babbling & feverish… he was trembling and counting out loud and talking nonsense. By the time Sophie and Eliz. came over, things were normal again… he ate pizza, & no more fever. Aside from the temporary delirium from nightmare/fever… I worry about his secret counting habit, and certain weird behaviors like walking around with his fingers crossed on both hands. Nascent obsessive-compulsiveness? What can I do about that? Anything? Should I avoid interfering with that, is it just part of his private life? Sometimes I get annoyed when I realize he’s counting under his breath and I say something negative, both because it’s annoying to sit next to someone who’s whispering, and because I feel a sharp pang of worry about OC. But maybe that just makes it worse! Is he just so bored that there’s all there is to do?

Meanwhile, in his “secret identity” life of make-believe, we are all penguins again. It was all about the superheroes for over a month – but now, back to our penguin identities, which he remembered from what, March or April? My penguin name is Peckasaí (he made it up, don’t blame me.) His is “Tuxedo”. We are the parents of his stuffed animal, Pecky; Rook is “Empy”. Pecky’s friend from Arctic School is a puffin (imaginary) named Nutcracker. The bat family features in this somehow, and they’re hanging upside down from the rafters of his bunk bed right now — the noble, heroic, clever Soarbat, wise old Stella, and perky little Stella.

My stomach feels so much better! I ate pizza last night. And then a whole lot of cheese, I was so happy at being able to eat cheese again. And then at midnight, some more bread and cheese. This morning I’m not haunted by the hungry feeling I’ve had for weeks. It’s so nice!

11 Responses to “winter is here”

  1. Iris

    Just tell me why you don’t have Halloween parties at Halloween?

  2. badgerbag

    It’s the school, and there’s a 2-week break so Moomin will be in day camp the next 2 weeks all the time that we’re not on vacation… so t his was the last day of school until early november.

  3. Nancy

    I count things when I have a fever… sometimes it’s the way I’m alerted to the fact that I’m running one.

  4. janet

    Glad to know that you’re all feeling better. Sometimes these GI things just need to run their course. I’ve been blessedly free of heartburn today — celebrated with pumpkin ice cream at our local ice creamery.
    I’m online reading blogs and posting at 10:00 on a Saturday night. Am I right in thinking this is pathetic?

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