wallowing in work and the pleasantly chi-chi

This morning… hung out with Rook… messed about in my office… wrote for my Composite blog… did some housework… Bad Ass Mamas coffee at Main Street… To the hardware store with Jo, who is Anger expressed, she is Medusinal and Gorgonian and Erynical and a Maenid of art and sparks. I got a springloaded screen-door closer thingie (finally) so that the cats won’t keep escaping. Shaved my head with the new buzzer and its manifold Attachments. Finally, I remembered that I want more of a traditional mohawk BEFORE starting to shave the top of my head. So now I have a stripe. I wondered why the sides of my head have a curious bald-looking spot – and on closer inspection – no! I am going seriously grey at the temples. Cool. I always wanted a skunk stripe, like my high school librarian (even though she was a total bitch) but instead I have wise badger-like racing stripes.

To the train! I could come up early b/c Rook nicely worked from home so he could pick up Moomin.

And as I walked up 24th and noticed the Mission branch of the SFPL… oooo! Well that was the motherlode of good poetry and criticism. I need those books from 1950 ! OMG! I took notes and wrote and read for a couple of hours. I have to remember to go back and xerox Beth M1lllller’s chapter on Sexism in Anthologies. SO TRUE. In fact I know I’ve talked with her at ALTA about that very thing and she probably told me to go read it two years ago but I forgot. Grrrrrr. I probably wrote it in some little notebook and never went back to glean a to-do list from the notebook.

To the appointed cafe, Ritual Roastery. It is ridiculously nice and hip and chi-chi. I like it. I love a couch near a window! Lighting good, not too bright. Music good. A bit loud. Art on walls is not stupid (often a painful, fatal flaw of otherwise good cafes.) The … you know.. the feng shui is nice. Smoke is not drifting in the door. There is free wireless. The cafe is hopping with action, crawling with decorative young laptopoids. You could line up the vaios vs. the ibooks. The counter people are cute as bugs. Chula says it is TOO chi-chi and hipsterishly yuppified. Oh, likely so, but so are we, let’s not pretend. Suddenly I looked up and Lawgeek was sitting right across from me with his laptop, cracking up. I had just been having a very excited fidgeting critical epiphany about the Comtesse de Noailles and was like, biting my lip and probably emitting happy little shrieks over my laptop like a bouncy witch over a cauldron. So that was embarrassing but also pleasant. I love to run into people randomly in a big city!!!! It makes the landscape friendly. And I moved so often in the 90s that it was painful never to recognize or be recognized in strange cities. A nice mom with the nicest 10 month old baby sat next to me. Me and the smiling laughing baby engaged in a spirited game of morse code of sticking-out-the-tongue. Oh, so cute! Chula showed up a while later and she seems to be writing something and lost in her Funk Disco World with headphones on. She is wearing her pajama pants that are sort of pale lavender and have huge vinyl records all over them; they are her special pants to wear while flying on an airplane, I guess because… ? because they’re pants and don’t have any metal bits or pockets to hold metal things? She is a creature of habit. There must be an english penny in one’s shoe while flying. You must hug every tree you pass. Endearing OCD.

Okay.. that’s enough blathering. I have had coffee late in the day. Can you tell?

Back to work for another hour I think… then late dinner.

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