perfect day!

Moomin had a fabulous play date in the morning with Thom. I got to see Squid, and Iz played nicely and peacefully with Thom and Moomin. I ran off to the Hole with Squid and Leelo and Mali… just to get to see her!

My uncle Rogelio called! He got married fairly recently. He said his spanish is coming back to him and he barely ever talks to anyone in English anymore, though he has trouble expressing complicated thoughts. (and he is a complicated imaginative person.) He also just graduated and his classical guittttar teaching has been more successful lately… We both went off on a funny flight of fancy about how he would live in a teepee in the yard, and teach Moomin guitar for 10 years dressed in bunny slippers, beatnik glasses, and colombian peasant garb. Later as an adult Moomin would realize, “Wait. that weird guy in the teepee was my uncle.”

Then Yehudit called! I must NOT forget to call her back! She must be back from israel! I wonder if… we did that huge poem-series where I co-translated her poems, a whole book… and I thought it was really good. We recorded it, in hebrew and english. She has a bunch of book published in israel and if that one would only join them, i might be eligible for some grant applications (that depend on your page-counts of publishing credits; I don’t quite make it.)

My mom-in-law called and is very excited about her friend Jaya’s new book. I promised to read it. Her good friend and she promises gossip and insight will be forthcoming.

To Debbie’s for her big party. Wow, what fun… I didn’t get to talk to half the people I would have liked to, but that was only because everyone seemed so interesting and nice… even more geekitude than usual… Moments when I just listened to 5 conversations at once all around me… weird facts popping up about the domestication of elephants in Carthage… bits of history… books… foodie things… odd SF fan stories…

I had fun giggling with pantryslut about books and the uncontrollable point when one has to SAY something despite resolving not to (like in class, or in meetings). We talked about narrative conventions and complexity and seeing/extrapolating the whole from a part. and I was thinking that maybe seeing a book’s worth comes from that same ability – from seeing the book itself as part of a greater pattern. (And if you do, then you have a particular sort of impatience with people who don’t see, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with regular intelligence.) Or… well, I said something nutty that she seemed to understand, about a slight openness to schizophrenic thinking allows one to see literature and art better… Because you see more connections than other people, you’re open to odd connections and leaps of thought. She was tired from QoH and i was also overtired and kind of overstimulated and hyper and babbly to the point where in a way, all day I just wanted to go lie down in a quiet corner … instead, no, I can’t let the moment pass! I long to know people and pick their brains.

Also I had particular fun talking with Debbie and with Garnet! And Rook! And Ellen K—– who is moving here! How I love to flirt with her, so cute and old-school butchy and grabbable… I’m so appalling! And Laurie T.E. who explained a whole Idea about wholesale vs. retail thinking in political change and activism – I’ll explain my understanding of this tomorrow. And Lisa H. will be my roommate at Potlatch, huzzah! Moot and Garnet mentioned an interesting-sounding Quiz that’s very difficult. Rook and I will compete. Everyone at the party knew all about the Green Tortoise bus. From the sound of it, I MUST do it even if it makes me travel 2 extra days; it sounds just perfect. It made me homesick for my hippie co-op just to hear tell of it, though it also sounds like the sort of place one might catch scabies or be subjected to stoned ramblings of ancient hippies. Fine… that’s why god invented medicinal lotion and ipods. I love to write on trains and buses – or am I nuts for thinking I could endure it?

I mauled Garnetina! I squeezed her! I ate her feet! Then I poked the hell out of her while Garnet nursed… I used to have to try like that to keep Moomin awake long enough to nurse; he was a sleepy newborn. How happy I am for Garnet! And… one of the rare good-looking babies, not too ET looking, with hair; thin and wiry the way I like babies rather than the blobby square kind. Next year at the same party I will be holding her in my lap and she’ll turn the pages of a book and point to things! Isn’t that a wonderous thought? When it comes true I’ll be happy, and feel very profound and old!

Debbie talked about “platform” and context for saying things and then letting other people say things you can’t say in a particular context and while I don’t have anything so developed as a platform, I have been thinking along those same lines as I foray into taking a public role in my tr4nslation/poetics blogs. As usual, I say things that are overblunt and impolitic, but, well, either that’ll be okay, or it won’t! And likely some people won’t like it and will think I’m a fool… Well, so it is.

Oh and the party food was fantastic and Debbie lent me a bunch of the Duncan books and gave me a Tiptree one and a cookbook and Moomin a wind-up caterpillar, which went on to star in a long play about the Robot Caterpillar who was King of Monsters and came out of a volcano to menace Professor Otter and the dinosaur city; they found a robot made of ice but it turned out to be from Mars and went over to the volcano-monster side. The Professor built a Robocopy of the giant human. (Moomin, facing opposite directions and moving robotically.) The giant Robocopy of course knew everything that the Mars robot knew, and so could speak its mysterious telepathic language. It also had the power of when it touches any creature or person, it uses a mysterious invisible electric force to know all the things that creature knows! I’m sure this is the sort of thing Moomin whispers to himself all the time when he’s being so quiet and good.

Then we went to Minnie’s to play board games. King of the Beasts, and Settlers. Then they showed us the amazing 2nd floor room extension! Wow… and their upstairs charms me… I love the feel of their place and its hominess, and this is not surprising as I always love Minnie’s houses and rooms, but her homey thing combined with Vim’s is even better…He’s so cool!

And those body rolling ball things which I have to say sounded like the most gimmicky dumb new age california crapola to make you buy things… or whatever…. Though I trust Minnie’s wisdom, it was still hard for me to grok remotely. And also she tends to be more into things like exercise machines, weight lifting, taking kickboxing or aikido or yoga or whatever, where I suck at it so bad and then don’t stick to it…. But when I tried her ball-rolling thing I realized she is SO RIGHT, as it was like getting a fantastic strong massage combined with the stretching and mild strength-using of gentle yoga. At night I’m always trying to dig my fists into various painful tense parts of my body, and I resort to punching my own legs as I try to make the long muscles quit their spazzing and aching. The ball things use your own weight. Minnie pointed out that the upper chest holds all the tension that makes your shoulders and neck tense. So right! I am a convert… I am going to use the soccer ball she gave me tonight, and will order some of the different super-tough balls to use for doing this every day. What a huge difference it could make… that regular exercise and stretching don’t seem to fix on me… Vim got me to do the long muscles on the outsides of my legs and it was very painful but also amazing and effective! I am in so much pain by evening it’s just pathetic… Even though I’m so healthy now! I deal with it, but it’s frustrating… how auspicious for the new year that I have a crazy hope that I could get rid of all this pain, or even improve it! If my legs didn’t hurt all the time!

Moomin invented a new tradition for the car – to add to Monster Park and Cow Palace. Now when we pass the Cesar Chavez exit we cheer “hooray!” for him. When he said this I started crying a little, it was so sweet.

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3 Responses to “perfect day!”

  1. elswhere

    Oh! You must go on the Green Tortoise! Well, once, anyway. And get lots of sleep the night before. Everyone else will be 22 but it doesn’t matter. I went a few years ago– must have been over 5 years ago as MG wasn’t born yet, but in any case I felt OLD but also happy to be finally experiencing it after years of hearing about it. Also, very cramped.
    When you go, throw your stuff up top wherever you want to sleep RIGHT AWAY as spaces go fast. At least they did the time I went. But that was in the summer.

  2. badger

    Wait, you’re THERE! I can meet you! Yay!

  3. lori

    Yes, I understood your schizophrenic comment to be about reading on two levels, a la double consciousness — knowing in part of one’s mind the bigger narrative pattern and what’s likely to come next, and at the same time detaching from that to read for pleasure and surprise.
    Also — those balls are cool, but I worry that they take up so much space. Even the foam column that my physical therapist gave me, which is the best thing ever for my shoulders and back, seems so bulky, and lives in a closet too much of the time. I wish I could solve this dilemma without a gym membership.

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