so far today

- kid preparation, cuddling, dressing, feeding, driving and dropoff
- gossip, listen to M.
- emailiness
- fix up, send out final versions of J. de I. translations for magazine
- AWP is in Austin right before/with SXSW, figure out schedule
- look at thesis. go “duh”….
- laundry
- dishes
- pick up after everyone. put stuff away.
- coffee with badasses. Gossip. Feel relaxed for 1st time in days.
- twiddle with more bloggity things, fix stuff, answer email
- mail to sxsw panel people
- look for books that got buried. where, where?
- deal with several Important pieces of paper
- start packing for woolfcamp
- unpack old bag. pack up junk to go to SF today

- print current version of thesis
- deal with bank stuff, bills

Somehow that was all much harder than it sounds when I list it out!  It’s so many little things!

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