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I’m at the microformats panel and here’s a few links as well as what Tantek just said.   I’m here because yesterday a bazillion people came up to me and said that they heard me talk on the women’s visibility butt-kicking panel, and that I should talk with Tantek.   Well I can at least listen to him.   But until people told me that yesterday I didn’t know a microformat from whatever.

I wish Rook were here because this would also be exactly his cup of tea!!!!!

Oh and a fun conversation with Brian from "like it matters" who believe it or not, we both at once started talking to each other about the intersections of literary and computery web 2.0 stuff, and simultaneously started babbling about Guillermo Cabrera-Infante’s book Tres Tigres Tristes and Suzanne Jill Levine’s amazing translation of it. And it turns out he is a former student of Rainer, founder of ALTA.




Tantek – moderator. Microformats. presentation licensed under creative commons.

first a demo.   sxswi speakers. a version of the sxsw speakers page.  entire set of speakers added to the address book. converter hcards to vcards.   vcard compatible address book … seamless import. makes info a lot more useful.   hCard markup.       we’ve taken vcard names and made them into class names in html markup. just by adding that to existing markup you’ve created an hCard.  microformats are more than just really good class  names.   sure, they use semantic class names… principles to guide design. help keep things micro. names to a minimum.   The process. this makes a big difference. if we have everyone creating t heir class names… not a problem. but if you want standards and interoperability then

we ask people to pick a simple problem specific and define it. 2. research and development.  document what existing web pages are doing already. what is actual publishing behavior? 3.  avoid inventing  new names, terminology, document existing microformats or solutions.   for example icalendar standard, or vcard standards.   document these existing formats.    we try to take the names from existing formats if we invent a new microformat.
4.  brainstorm with implied schema…   5)    get feedback, iterate within community.     Get something on first try, and iterate it very quickly.

progress 2004->2006 in microformats.   xfn was out for a few weeks…. lists and outlines – etc.  locations, resumes, tipjars,

list of microformats community.  irc channel, good place to listen and learn   All discussions are in public.   
Keith – upcoming.  events microformats.   
scrape info out… use geocodes to mess around with google maps api.  all events on one page and see where events were taking place. took existing page from upcoming.   mixed in google map api, got this cool page   adactio austin.    (cool thing demonstrated)    then add more microformats, like hCard.  you can then get more stuff from technorati and add it… and download the iCal.   so my friends can all go, "oh, sounds good, I’ll do the same thing" and slam all that info  into their own calendar or phone.  "as long as i have my laptop with me i can always find out where i need to go for the next party."   [am i the only person who snorted with laughter at this?  jouissance as motivation! yeah! that was funny.]

Chris Messina’s Flock demo and explanation was super exciting!   I’m using flock right now. But I don’t think I’ve used it that deeply… at all. It’s well worth exploring.

Chris Messina – flock.   you can add features to a browser to take advantage of microformats.
"director of experience, and ambassador…"

how we see the web
- an event stream
- a social space
- as a datastore

flock uses lucene as a fulltext search engine.  plus microformats, times APIs, web services and feeds.     can figure out persons, events, extensions, calendars, reviews.   build in supports into APIs into browser.

"roundtrip attention"   .   what the hell does that mean?  we’re able to index all these things. blog posts with links to people. lists of people and their blogs.  contact info, favorite places, product or movie reviews, events, .    We can find this info while you are browsing the web,  and put that aside and have it for you to see later.  you might not be reading all your friends’ feeds but we can pull all that together for you and you can use it later.

question about inaccuracy of info.   legit information or not?

we want to be able to star smaller bits of information.   [YEAH~!!!!!!]

validity b/c of favoriting.  over time you can pull out a history of people you’ve visited. and you can correct it and lock it.  (stuff about spammers.  mitigate spam… by tracking pages you actually visit and your favorites….)  you think it’s trustworthy.  takes copy and paste grungework out of it.     guy from audience in front row…. someone else might know your phone number changes before you’ve updated your own web page.    (chris answers with stuff about hcards, user experience.)

I’m sure someone else is liveblogging this a lot better!  I’m too tired… my fingers are sore from yesterday.

Tantek – the hcard means a possibliity of having some kind of subscription thing where we all have hcards and subscribe so that we end up with a worldwide distributed contact system. no more annoying "please update your information" emails.   [wooooo!]

they are talking about Drupal… NOTE… ask Laura Scott if we can add hCard to the BlogHer site!  that would be fucking cool.

udience dude — "roach motel" – term to talk about proprietary information being locked up.   
tantek:  yes!!!   that is part of microformats, frustrated at entering our data over and over.   etc.

Rook are you reading this?  This is part of why I keep thinking you would be super at home in this sort of discussion…

Roach motels are so web 1.0!!  *laughter*

What about Googlebase?   (audience goes, oooOOOOOooooo."   (shout: "roach motel!!!")   general hissing from audience.    tantek: they say they’re going to open it up and we can only hope they won’t be evil.   (scattered applause from audience)


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  1. Lucinda

    I just read this and realized that I will never be a “real” blogger. This is completely beyond my mathematical security clearance and my head just exploded.
    When I read Grace’s blog, I thought SXSW was all about keggers. Now I realize I’m sadly mistaken. Damn, damn damn.

  2. badgerbag

    Oh well, we are all real, and actually that was the only super-techy thing I went to all weekend. But I do have a programming/geek background so that talk was exciting for me.
    Everything else I participated in was touchy-feely discussion of ideas and blogging and was very inspiring that way! It was groovalicious!
    The parties, I haven’t blogged so much, but yeah it can be like an endless party if you’re into that. I tend to leave at 10:30 and go back to the hotel to get with my computer… I have no partyhopping stamina, and am also a bit hard of hearing and so conversation at bars sucks for me, a perpetual dance of leaning up to people to hear them and they keep backing away!

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