More people I met at SXSWi

Another batch of name cards unearthed!

Catherine Leamy – Metrokitty – I like her pink lumpy bubble-design card

Sarah Goodwin – American Cancer Society and her science blog

Jeaneane Sessum – Oh so fabulous. Sessum Creative  – I also love her husband George but don’t have a blog or card for him. Yeah I love anyone who laughs at my lame jokes, even if they’re just laughing at me! It’s all good.  We were laughing in the taxi about "Keep Austin Weird" translated to other cities. "Keep Chicago Weird" – no, it just doesn’t work. "Chicago really can’t never BE weird."  Yes and one has to say it just that way.  "Boston Needs an Enema" was the best slogan suggested. Apparently Atlanta used to have the slogan " Atlanta: The City Too Busy To Hate".  Which we all agreed was oh so mockable – and ugly in its implications.

Meri Williams – "Making Things Useful, Getting Stuff Done" – – from south africa – fun – always had good things to say in panel discussions

Anand Ramaswamy – "literature from around the world" – Host Publications – I think I talked to him in AWP bookroom not at sxsw

Fringe magazine – "The noun that verbs your world" – Fringe – they looked good – or maybe the person was just super friendly?

Jessica Star Rockers – the strange fruit lit mag – profundity of the casual, what goes unspoken, small moments, synchronicity. "prefer plain-spoken over obscure, verbose" (Badgerian readers, you  might be thinking why, what? badger?  but I have many "small-poem" projects where I tried very hard to distill and be non-verbose.)

Red Hen Press – I vaguely hear from these folks from WOMPO   Red Hen   – poetry mostly – good people – good poets – nice books – i will totally send them my manuscripts – and I owe them 15 bucks .

Words and Pictures Magazine – Wendy Borrou.    This mag was so perfect for Jo Spanglemonkey, it was scary.  I told Wendy about 10:10 and she was quite interested.

Wendy – Vata Girl – only person i met who gave me a card with her flickr account and her myspace.   web design, flash, photography,  works for or goes to  acc in visual communication/interactive design .   Hey Minnie you would like Wendy a lot.  go look at her stuff!!!!

Neil Aitken – Boxcar poetry  – reviews and interviews, 1st books – I said I was interested in doing short reviews  –

Nicole Bogas – from blogads – super nice! Not persnootkity at all about the smallness and bigness and un-focus of the neobaroque Badgerinablog textual empire.

Joyce Jenkins – poetry flash - I already know her but here’s the biz card so why not give them a link

Denise Hill, Casey Hill, newpages – i think another AWP person

JW Richard – Mandrake Society Radio Podcast – digital drums guy – so nice!  he totally gets what i was trying to say about restructuring identity and web search. try searching to find black men who blog, and see what you get:  porn. dammit!  anyway i never got enough time to really sit down and talk with JW!!!

Ronni Bennett – Times Goes By – what it’s really like to get older… Ronni is great, I often disagree with her but always love reading and talking with her

Ms. Jen – Black Phoebe – artist, designer, writer, photographer – oh, would be so great at woolfcamp!

Maida Barbour – polycot – intense, righton, talky, smart as hell, must teleport her to woolfcamp, is she coming to blogher?

Honoria Starbuck – life drawings, had show at EFF party – Nudes: fast and loose – nice! danced! funny!

Life Pilgrimage – an anonymous blogger I met at one of the parties!

Chris Nolan – Spot On  – acted weirdly like I was trying to give her a blow job for a part in her movie, when i was trying to be a human being having a normal conversation… and had no clue if she was somehow too "important" to speak to the likes of me.   Out of the hundreds of people I talked to at SXSWi, only a handful of people gave me that uncomfortable feeling.  Well, she was one of them.  Which is so weird since lord knows we both live in the Bay Area and must know people in common.   But even aside from that, it is possible to not want to network with someone, or even chat, and disengage politely.

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  1. Elkit

    George Sessum is at

  2. Catherine

    Hey! It was awesome to meet you at SXSW – I enjoyed what you had to say at the panel, and I wish you could have talked longer!

  3. Meri

    Was great to meet you at SXSWi :-) Impressed that you’ve unearthed and blogged the cards … I still have a pile of them looking at me menacingly from my desk ;-)

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