people I met at SXSWi

Here’s a list based on all the cards I found in my wallet and notebook. I think there’s more in a pile of stuff in the suitcase!  With a few informal notes of what I remember of meeting that person.  I have a very horrible memory, it’s embarrassing.  (That’s why I blog everything. Otherwise it’s in one brain and out the other.)

David Nuñez – met him at disaster-relief geek lunch, friend of Prentiss, works for blogburst, funny as hell

David Swedlow – interesting person full of ideas, talked to him after his panel

Elizabeth Perry – I already blogged about how nifty she is and I can’t believe I kept spelling her name wrong. Yay for name cards!   sparky, education, idea person, literary, conversation. Wish I could teleport her to woolfcamp.  sketchblogger.

Scott Campbell – toronto international film festival dude that I sat next to at breakfast at the counter at Las Manitas, and we struck up a conversation. I blasted him with blog evangelism and he talked up his amazing film festival.

someone from – i can’t remember but it must have been either Shannon, Michaela, or Andrea?

Betsy Devine – often spoke up in panel audiences, very witty!  I like the tagline on her card, "Making Trouble Today for a Better Tomorrow".  OMG I want to steal that for my own motto!  She needs to be at woolfcamp so bad!

Lanae Ball – super fun actual human being as opposed to, well, conferencebot, from chapel hill NC, we talked about hiking, music shows, geology, road trips, conference burnout, and  of course ads and blogs.  yay lanae thanks for hauling my ass to the sleater kinney show, I never would have gone on my own initiative and i had a BLAST. I’m sorry I kept bitching about how it wasn’t truly like old school riot grrl, but I was having old-person flashbacks.  would fit right in at woolfcamp if there is any real "fitting in" to be had…

Silona Bonewald from League of Technical Voters.

Patrick from Roy’s Taxi, (austin area code) 667-5159, the super nice, mellow cab driver who kept picking me up and driving me around!!!  Thanks dude!!!

barb dybwad – fun punky person, we didnt’ get to talk enough but tantalizingly on the edges of a conversation about being generalists and fighting that current of "you must focus and narrow to be marketable identity" topic based thing.  which I get, and might try, but really I love to have everything together… and the marketing thing cna turn so quickly into orc-talk. damn the cartoon on her card is funny, two little creatures saying, "was it good for you?"  "Read my blog."   Oh so true. I still want to way over-blog my fun encounter in Seattle…

Ruby Sinreich from netcentric campaigns . we were hanging out at the Media Temple party, which other than the Blogher party was the best one I went to.  and bitching tipsily about a person who was so rude to me I’m not even giving her the link.  I’ll blog that one in a separate entry.  loved ruby, full of wild energy!!! funny!
Nancy Scola – don’t have her web page, just email on card – from brooklyn
Lisa Stone  well duh. but it’s nice to have her card

Elke Sisco – she’s my homie!!!

Brian Oberkirch – had intense conversation about GCI and translation and literariness and the intersection so few people see between cultural studies/literary theory/ web 2.0 and computing in general, how it’s all going to come together.   then i heard him talk about katrina stuff at the disaster relief geek lunch.  wow i think we have a fair amount of stuff in common… fun…
Teresa Van Deusen – yay Teresa, I don’t need to blog her to remember her of all people after the 3-hour car ride!    voter virgin, i’ll stalk her later, her name card says "inspire / play" tvandeusen — hotmail
the next batch of cards will have to wait!


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4 Responses to “people I met at SXSWi”

  1. GraceD

    “onversation about being generalists and fighting that current of “you must focus and narrow to be marketable identity” topic based thing. which I get, and might try”
    since I’m the dope pusher on that concept, please, please, please share what barb tells you about marketability.

  2. Iron Tongue

    Hey, my imagination is RUNNING WILD over your fun encounter in Seattle. Can understand why you might not actually overblog it!

  3. badgerbag

    I had a lot of conversations that went kind of like this: “we’re generalists and mix up weird things, most people don’t like it, people keep telling us we’re never going to be super popular, but it’s what we like to write, so, oh well. We only care about our own particular long tails… ”
    Also the one where a bunch of us did a friendly and spirited trashing of “journalists who aren’t really bloggers” and who think they can train the uppity bloggers to do it Right. There was giggling, and there was flipping off of imaginary Straw Journalists. Of course I appreciate topic-focus and journalism, and professionalism, but there are other things to appreciate!

  4. Betsy Devine

    Heh–Liz, it was great meeting you! I’m just sorry I missed the fun event of flipping off imaginary straw journalists. Maybe we can make that a session at BlogHer?

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