spicy, stunned, replete

I’m stunned by a long long day of work.  Zian’s mom picked up Moomin, and I worked till 3, drove to the city, worked in the Mission library some more, went to Ritual Coffee, worked till 8.  Dinner with Chulita at Spices… a fabulous chinese restaurant right around the corner from Green  Apple bookstore. We had the Exploding Numbing Chili Pepper Fish, ma-po tofu, and salt and pepper squid.  I highly recommend this restaurant, full of amazing fried things… their deep-fried tofu is great.   I’m so full of food… and it was great spicy food…. Maybe my stomach is not 100% better but, better enough that I don’t care!

Got some large comic-book compilations… I’m thinking to save Hulk Vol. 2 for Moomin for xmas, and I’ll give him the Fantastic 4 book now.

Chula told me about the next batch of Grimjack comic books while trying not to give the plot away. All I know is… around issue 50 or something, something huge happened, and it cannot be named, and people write letters about how outrageous it is for many issues afterwards and they yell at J. Ostrander for being a wuss. Or maybe the letter exchanges happened after the OTHER big unnameable thing that I already read about in issue 30-something. We speculated on whether the sex-positive community in SF is really different than it used to be, or what? And then gossiped. And then gossiped some more. Then I talked about  my thesis for the 8 millionth time. Then we speculated about sex some more, crassly, wondering who was going to put out and who wasn’t, and when, and why, and where, and especially how.

At Green Apple I got "Dr. Who and the Carnival of Monsters" for Moomin, and for myself, 2 Vonda McIntyre books I haven’t read, plus "The Wind Whales of Ishmael" which looks cheesy as hell but there’s no resisting anything to do with Melville. Will it have real insight? Or just be a cheap trick?  I’ll let y’all know.

I’ve been forgetting to write down the books I’ve been reading, but when I work really hard and get wound up like this, I tend to read more to escape The Project.  So it’s been roughly a book a  night for a while now.

I got to the end of this 2nd draft of the whole thesis. I’m feeling very driven, which is good – and also super enjoyable. It’s all double-spaced including the poems, and lots of them are short poems but they’re on their own pages, and half of the body of the thesis is the originals of the poems… but still, I am aware that 215 pages is too long.  And because the bios and intros to each poet, because they’re not really done, there will certainly be another 10 pages, I’m guessing.   If I can single-space the poems… that will help.

I’m happy with it in many ways but the scholarship is not first class. I know very well that it woudl be better if I went back to the actual magazines and wasn’t working mostly from secondary sources. For the poets whose original books I’ve found and read, I feel more secure… Anyway, I have another few weeks to fix this up, and make the translations better, and cut things… but I can see that it isn’t going to be as good as I know it could be.   Everyone told me this was too ambitious of a project, and they were right, but I’m still not sorry, really, that I’m doing it this way. 

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  1. e

    Finished is good. And vice versa.
    I never did, so take it from me.

  2. Jo

    Go go go! you are a wonder!

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