we got naked now what panel: identity blogging and work

Liveblogging from sxswi.

Elisa Camahort.   BlogHer panel on identity, personal bloggers.  what doing that personal blogging means. benefits and risks. 

Jory – single blog

Evelyn Rodriguez – single blog

Elena Dawes, Elaine Liner – got laid off or fired for blogging.   experienced negative blowback and kept going.

Jory :   the getting naked blogging/work survey.  185 respondents.  most female.   business bloggers: taboos were sex and money.   personal bloggers:  same, but somewhat less so.     hybrid bloggers too.

Elisa asks who has blogged their income.  i actually blogged my entire lifetime social security income report. she asked why and I said something flip. but the real reason was that I was thinking about the years I didn’t earn anything and how it felt to see those zeros on the yearly report.  I was also talking about class and feminism.  and i think was talkikng about Christine Delphy’s point that straight married women do not have the class status of their husbands. they might think they do, but it is an illusion. the social security report shows this very clearly.


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  1. Mary

    I read Lisa Stone’s liveblogging coverage of this panel discussion on BlogHer.org and she repeated what you had said about the zeroes. I immediately understood what it meant. I hope that most people do. Yes, it’s good for a laugh. But at the same time it’s a harsh reality that all of us women who have dropped out of the workforce might have to face someday.
    I hate my SS report, too, because my income showed an upward trajectory and then. Nothing. And I can’t help but let it be a very poignant reminder that dropping out during the childbearing years is also dropping out right at the time when your career could be taking off, as most men’s are. argh.
    back to my chocolate. hope you are enjoying yours.

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