Writers With Drinks this Saturday night

I won’t be there, but that just means there’s more room for you.   It’s a benefit for other magazine!

Saturday, March 11th
7:30pm-9:30pm, doors open 7:00pm
$3 to $5 sliding scale


Next week the entire Mission District will be transformed into a 
giant spanking machine. This also includes parts of Bernal Heights 
and the Excelsior. If you venture into the Mission after about 5 PM, 
you’ll probably be pretty severely spanked. It’s some kind of Vegan 
thing. The good news is that Writers With Drinks will be a *spanking 
free zone*, except for the pool table. There will, however, be some 
mandatory coolant baptism going on, because of a deal we made with 
that noisy church next door and the auto parts place down the street.

Reading at this week’s Writers With Drinks will be:

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, who has special 
poison sacs under his saliva glands — they can be an aphrodisiac in 
small doses.

Outlaw Bible of American Poetry editor and Matches: A Novel author 
Alan Kaufman, who can levitate half an inch when he’s sleepy.

Louisville Review-published poet Greg Kimura, who wears his skates to  

Best Women’s Erotica and Fourteen Hills contributor Marianna Cherry,  
who dubs all her own dialogue from the original Bulgarian.

50 Mason-headlining comedian Ali Wong, who invented her own cyber  
dance and can blog while spinning on her head.

"Periodic table mysteries" author Camille Minichino, who has a bionic  


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