thesis update

I worked 9am till 7:30 (now). And will probably go work a little more. I feel bad for kind of ignoring Rook but it’s such a weight off me to be able to dive into the project after the long weekend! I also feel bad for snipping at him about leaving his stuff around. The man just got home from a bazillion hour plane ride from Sweden and I’m like, “dude. what’s this wet towel doing here?” even though he took over playing with Moomin all afternoon.

I realized suddenly a few hours ago that I had made an error in how I did the cross-references in the bibliography. I have to go back and add the titles of all the poems to the cross-references that are the citations of all the individual poem in the body of the anthology.

At this point I’m getting good at knowing exactly how long that will take me. I think about 2-3 hours.

I’m at p. 130 of a pass through the body of the anthology doing copyediting and smoothing out all the translations and all the prose. I’m going to keep doing that instead of fixing the crossreferences! I want to finish this pass through the whole manuscript, and print it out again for my advisors and for Squid who nicely said she would try to copyedit it.

DJ said it will be at least next Tuesday before he can get revisions back to me from what he’s got now (the poems and bios). So… yikes. That gives me Wednesday to Friday to get it all absolutely done. Then I give it back to him Friday and can drive up to Sequoia Nat’l Park to meet all the in-laws. Then I come back and in theory… will get to do more revisions REALLY REALLY FAST.

You see how the pressure is huge.

On this reading I am catching so many errors and awkward things! It’s unbelievable! At least I got them. How many more am I missing….. But anyway, it’s much better than it was.

I’m having a lot of moments of being like, “OMG people do you have any idea that i just wrote a 250 page scholarly book?” and being impressed with myself, but then I think of how much more solid i want the scholarship to be, and the translations better, and a lot more of them. It pains me horribly to think that I left out Maria Villar Buceta, for example… and that I spent no effort choosing any cool poems by Storni or Mistral but just went with what’s popular. (I left them till last, as the easiest.)

Then I think of how much more there is to read and know about each poet and all their work. And how I should read Professor F.’s books, and G. Kirkpatrick’s, and some other books on a huge list that I have of stuff that will likely make me tear my hair out in frustration that I just reinvented the wheel. So, when I think of Professor F. reading this, I cringe a little because to her it will look a little amateurish… clumsy… ignorant. (Though I know more about a lot of it than she does, she knows a whole huge set of things I don’t know.) If I were her student for a couple of years my book would improve a lot. I can’t hack it with more grad school, but I’ll read the books she suggested and hope that helps my … provincialness.

There are whole countries I did not really look at. if I go looking for women poets of ecuador i bet i’ll find them and they’ll be cool.


Maybe i need to stop this for the night and read some novels.

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2 Responses to “thesis update”

  1. patty

    When I was back at college a few years ago my English teacher said to me, “a paper’s never done, it’s just time to turn it in.”
    So the NEXT book you write delves more deeply into poets from Ecuador, or focuses on obscure poetry from favorite artists…

  2. elswhere

    Good grief– 250 pages?! Are you sure this isn’t a Ph.D dissertation? I’m way impressed.
    Wow. That was all I could say, was wow.

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