falling-over exhausted, but happy

I overdid it on the activity this weekend, what with surgery on Tuesday. I ggot that idea yesterday when I tried to walk from Bloggercon to Barcamp and faded back to my car after a couple of blocks, walking slower… and slower… and ouchier… I hit a wall where I can’t think clearly anymore, “oh shit. now what.” But driving was fine, I sat around at Barcamp eating and drinking till I felt better, my mind cleared, & then I went home.

Today in theory I was going to simply hang out on a picnic blanket at the Pride March, maybe walking over to the train, two blocks, and hopping over to Barcamp again… with Moomin. The “with Moomin” part adds a lot of time and energy and wear and tear, a lot of cajoling and having-to-carry-juice-boxes, etc. But somehow instead of minorly more difficult it was a day of picking up Moomin and holding babies, so, lifting heavy objects. And more walking than I thought. I went to the Writers’ village mainly to recuperate in the shade, and got to see C. briefly, & then figured Barcamp would give me a chair, some pizza, and an electrical outlet to recharge my phone… But they were closing! Damn! Oops! So I had to haul my even-more exhausted ass out of there and onto BART and then Caltrain and then more walking home.

It was great anyway… I’m just confessing that I overestimated myself physically, didn’t plan very well, and am now paying the price.

Tomorrow will be a day of extreme loafing and resting! I’ll stay in bed and read some stuff that I want to learn about and will finish writing my SXSWi panel proposals.

Moomin has dragon wings now! He spent hours running around on the playground at Pride with my ex-girlfriend’s kid, who was wearing a plaid skirt and tons of glitter. Gina came and said hello… My ex was full of her usual amazing energy, and knew everyone!

Everything was sunny and gorgeous and breezy and full of balloons & cheerful wandering people happy to be there! Kids running around shrieking in the sun! Kids in cloaks, and funny hats, and with balloon swords, and tie-dye, and sparkly beads, and saucy political t-shirts, and moms in rainbow feather boas with gay pride crap all over their strollers. Everyone a little freaky-looking and dressed in their parade best. Yeah! It doesn’t get any better.! The playground was better this year than last – less crowded, I think because they opened the other playground that last year was stupidly closed off. Kaiser had bottled water, juice, oranges, and COLAGE was passing out stickers, sidewalk chalk… I think the bubbles came from Kaiser as well.. plenty of useful & well thought out schwag, good job on them. Oh, and the little packets of free sunscreen. That was smart!

Everyone super friendly on the playground, extra smiley in fact. Was the cute woman in the pink surfing shirt flirting with me a little? We were eyeing each other like two particularly exotic birds.. both in the brightest clothes around… And her kid in rainbow socks and suspenders.

Moomin likes the train. He is thrilled with the dragon wings because they aren’t femmy like most angel/butterfly/fairy wings are. All afternoon he was admiring his bewinged shadow.

I thought hard about various job possibilities and am now doing a lot of background reading.

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