wiscon book haul, blogulating

I bought a few new books:

- Swordspoint
- Bibliomen
- Even the Stones (why do I have 2 copies? one must be Quilter’s)
- The Wave in the Mind
- The Telling
- About Writing
- Farthing subscrip
- Rabid Transit: A Mischief of Rats
- Neat Sheets: Poetry of James Tiptree, Jr.

and a giant wad of used books including interviews by Djuna Barnes, Sarton’s Casual Conversations, Learning to be White, various Lessings I haven’t read. 334 by Thomas Disch, The Swordswoman, The Women Who Walk Through Fire, and Earth Times Two.

What to read first, tonight? Probably The Ballad and the Source – it might go well with the Mitford books.

I felt way better today, messed with the feministsf wiki for a bit, read what people have been doing on there, chatted with Quilter, hung out with Rook and Moomin for a low-key morning in pajamas… Then up to SF to do othermag blog upgrade and redesign. I figured the problems we had been having could be dealt with by, instead of moving stuff to an archive directory, leaving it alone and installing everything into a new directory… besides accidentally overwriting a file and having to restore it from backup & delete & start over, it went okay. Read a bunch of the new wp code and poked around in the admin interface. Could not figure out the .htaccess and mod_whateveritwas stuff, well, screw it… not too important… though I would like pretty filename taxonomy at some point. Jackson and K. Moth and Chula et al. did the design and site creation! so fabulous! in the next couple of days i’ll help some more… I think it’ll be much nicer. had really nice spicy pho ga at citrus club. yum.

I can’t believe I’m going to just get better from this in a normal way, and not have bronchitis for a month. I can feel it getting better! Not worse! Usually I get it, and can’t even walk around the house or go outside for a couple of weeks. I’m so happy that my body behaves normally after so many years of hell! No languishing, no evil prednisone!

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2 Responses to “wiscon book haul, blogulating”

  1. Heather

    Do you use the ‘Breathe Easy’ tea at all? I get it just at the grocery store. I can go down pretty quickly with bronchitis but I found that with the tea I could keep my head above water- mostly.

  2. Lisa Hirsch

    WAIT, you’ve never read Swordspoint?? Oooooooo, TREAT.

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