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Scientologist Float
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As usual, the Deadwood City parade was fucking awesome. It had insanely great silly floats, puzzling floats, and ones that were sad and pathetic. Here you see the mind-boggling Scientology float, celebrating 150 years of something with an enormous birthday cake. On the back of the float was a 15-foot high mural of Highway 92, which also puzzled me. Is it the 150th anniversary of the highway itself? They were accompanied by a drill team of cheerful ladies with sunflower-patterned umbrellas – twirling, marching, opening & closing, waving… Just very WTF while also being properly parade-ish and cheerful.

The Brazilians were wearing the most excellent pants ever, blue with flowers. The ones who were wearing pants. Mostly… just spangles and feathers.

The local politicians did not disappoint. I love the dorkiness of them riding down the street in vintage Thunderbird convertibles, waving, bewildered and genial in their polo shirts and khakis.

At the very beginning of the parade we all wondered why the Grand Marshals had kermit the frog hats on. Moomin started laughing. “Oh!! I get it! ” “Uh-huh, you get it?” we asked, all skeptical… “Theyr’e in frog costumes because they’re MARSH-als, get it? MARSH… where frogs live.” Maybe he’s right! Or maybe there were just some frog hats lying around.

I’m so tired!

We walked over with Nadine & family for the third year in a row. She’s perfect to go with because we’re both hecklers who love to scream and hoot and wave. Last year she was a million months pregnant and this year Giddy is about to turn one and was standing up for the very first time! He stood up to see the Stanford Marching Band and managed to stay on his feet about 30 seconds.

She told me some stories about early ACT UP in SF in the 90s. I remember hearing bits and pieces of that stuff and reading about it. She and Virg were pretty involved. And Rafe is named after B. Thorne (his middle name is Thorne). So, afterwards at the bbq I got her to tell it all to me again & I took notes. Damn that’s some heavy information. Some of it is up on the web and some of it isn’t and the connections are not drawn well enough. I long to do some investigation and interviewing. And I’d like to fucking kill those fuckers with the swiss bank accounts but they’re mostly dead already. I will never think the same about PETA or about the medical marijuana people… for fuck’s sake at least put the money back into the community. Not that I care for PETA anyway. And the international dimension… I saw so clearly… so fucking devastating how individual greed, and evil, on what seemed like a small scale at first, became so corrupt that it had the effect of feeding into killing millions of people and how the white privilege /entitlement of people not so different from myself or people I know … lefty activists… people removed from me by only one degree of separation… how it contributed to the death of an entire African nation.

So, back to the Fourth of July.


The parade was great, Moomin appreciated it for the first time, we ate watermelon, kicked back, cheered for pearl harbor survivors and swat teams and belly dancers and 8 year old gymnasts and shriners in little cars with fezzes and marching bands and PFLAG and guatemalans and norwegians and the hundreds of beautifully costumed falun dafa marchers!

There were some really nice protesters of the war and Guantanamo prisoners. I signed their petition. Nade knew some of them, small world. Actually afterwards I remembered the red haired woman too when Nade described how her hair used to be in the early 90s, long and redder and tumbly but shaved completely on one side.

Then off to Rafe’s dad’s beautiful.. amazingly beautiful house… and perfect bbq food… and just chilling out in the breezy sunlight. Nade was reminiscing about the time we went on impulse to see the fireworks in Austin and found a spot just underneath, a tiny place for our blanket, and actual bits of embers were falling on us.

We saw cactus flowers half-open on the way home. Tonight I went to see if they were open. Yes! Stunning! I miss the southwest and the desert.

After the bbq we hung out at home for a while, then trekked out to pacific shores office park to Manny’s office. a picnic, part of project A II, and the first bit of a dumb movie called “The Day After Tomorrow”. I enjoyed its dumbness. Then up to the top floor to watch Deadwood’s incredible fireworks – really the best ever – and the longest show, perfectly timed. I prefer to be outside and down under the fireworks so that it’s really loud and a huge experience, with the explosions filling half the sky.

Possibly I overdid it for being only 2 weeks out of surgery! I’m wiped out.

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  1. Jo

    The theme of the parade was “150 years” because that’s how old Deadwood is. Remember the bus with the eerie faces? ETc.

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