Overwhelmed by Blogher

I had a great time yesterday. The podcasting workshop was particularly good! I liveblogged it over here. My blogging is a bit slow because my “g” key doesn’t work right. So if anyone is going to the Apple store… I need a small-size iBook G4 keyboard!!! hell!

I am mad at myself for not derailing Marc during the tagging thing and because of my conversation with Chris Heuer, realized I had to go personally talk with Marc. Did that. I’ll write more later. Why can he not see how much space and time he takes up? That, if he’s talking nonstop in a room full of people, interrupting the panelists, answering questions that women in the audience are asking of the panelists, and generally never shutting up about his own rather high theory view of the politics of who owns tagging, then he is *shutting down a different discussion* that would have happened – one where the women in the room might have had a different focus of what they wanted to say. I think next time I will just stand up and say “Marc, love your ideas, but please shut up and let someone else talk now.” It was weird to try to say this to his face, politely and at length and with more clarity than I’m typing it here, and then to see that it just didn’t get into his head. He thought I was disagreeing with what he was saying! No… actually not. But the reaction of much of the room… would have been “wow, sounds complicated, I guess I don’t know very much about this stuff… ” and to ignore the loud bellowing dude.

Anyway. That was my one “annoyed” moment yesterday and otherwise it was all golden.

No, I lie. Some of the marketing stuff was annoying. The “water! for women!” … um. You know how some stuff marketed to women is actually useful, and some of it blows? what can I say… the gm brochure had the tone of “women! can drive!” ??!! and while I like fancy bath stuff, cool, the Saturn stuff was much cooler and had a little memory stick in there. Yes, it’s a tech conference, we might like some tech schwag! you think?

Next year: hot pink ethernet cables in every blogher bag…! instead of diet propaganda and pasties… well no. Actually I like the pasties. They shoudl just make some that look like computer motherboards, and fake chainmail. Then we could run around the conference with robot boobs!

At some point in the afternoon I went all deer-in-the-headlights & ran off to the pool party. The mommyblogger.com people had temporary tattoos! We all made fun of the “nippies” boob bandaids, but were fighting over them at the same time. I have pink star ones.

Then a strange dreamlike swirl of people talking with me and me only vaguely knowing who anyone was. I showed Daily Dose of Denise my underwear, finally. The >underwear thing was hilarious though I know it must make a large bit of the conference wonder WTF… what’s with the raucous dumbass… “How sad that that girl needs attention so bad she shows everyone her underwear!” No… I just like to be bold and silly.

People kept coming up to me and saying “Badger! come over here! This person wants to interview you!” or suddenly cards would whip out and it would be a Media Person. Talked to McVlog dude – who is he? What? What? For real? Or is he sort of a nut case? Does it even matter? Met Lauren from Feministe, & Lindsay, but was in full-on “stunned by social activity” brain death. I deal with stress or anxiety by silliness – so then I dressed up in a ball gown for SJ and Minnie to push me in the pool.

Barb Dybwad glowing described world of warcraft and its beautiful life-sucking MUDdiness.

Yay, room service is here! SJ and Minnie and Kari and I hung around drunkenly telling stories of jobs we’d had. SJ had one at a Lone Star Cafe where whenever a certain song played, about a woman getting run over by a train, they’d have to get up on the tables and do a little choo-choo dance. In short-shorts. Another one of us was fired from Chevy’s because her skirt was too short, though she was required to wear this low-cut hoochie-mama off-the-shoulder “Mexican wedding” shirt. “My Humps” played on repeat. Minnie’s a belligerent, punchy, funny drunk. “Where’s my room key! What the fuck are you looking at! The fuck!”

I haven’t been able to blog much because I’ve been talking nonstop. SJ and I explained the endings of our first marriages to each other at 7am. It’s intense here all the time!

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  1. e

    there you are! haven’t been able to find any livebloggers except, at first, jo and squid. glad to see you. but what is this “other” place at huffington, what? and somebody told me grace was runing around WITHOUT A LAPTOP?? (wtf?)
    so marc did it again, huh? you were right in your characterization of others’ responses to him, that’s almost exactly what jo did at the time and then somebody else commented that that was marc. nothing new there.
    i’m getting a very strange picture of blogHer, and not really a very complimentary one, i’m afraid (not from you, i don’t mean, you’re just confirming what i’ve been piecing together here.) i sure am looking forward to hearing the recap, maybe balance things out. tried the live chat, by the way, but it was chaos and exclusion there, too, mostly. and did you know that the internet seems to be melting? blogathon posters can’t get on! here it is nearly noon on saturday and we’re all still runing around! global warming, i say, global warming! 🙂

  2. black_pearl

    Holy Shit!!!
    Must…Obey…Panties!!! (drools)

  3. nabil

    hey liz! it’s nabil! i want to come for today, but i can’t figure out if they’re sold out for the day, and how much it is for a single day! do you know? the hotel won’t tell me! nnabil@gmail.com or 510-472-2938… thanks!

  4. e

    well i’m very sad. i know you’re liveblogging massively SOMEWHERE, but i’m damned if i can find it. and there’s a roomful of livechatters as disappointed as me, or was. we are sad and have missed it all. <>

  5. e

    that was supposed to say

  6. e

    crap. i’m going back to pens and books.

  7. e

    happier, denise came back and livechatted the last session for us. we’re now praying for somebody to do the closing. still can’t find your liveblog, though…

  8. SJ

    Woot! It was so fun to hang with you. I think I am going to have to make a comic of the dream I had about you.

  9. Mary Tsao

    During blogher I was overwhelmed and feeling like I needed to keep telling people how scattered my head was. Now I feel like I’m coming down from a high and I’m weepy and emotional. I’m glad blogher is only once a year because I’m going to need that long to recover and prepare.
    Maybe we’ll hang out more when we’re together in another state. Loved seeing you from across the crowded room, though!

  10. Koan Bremner

    One remedy for a busted g key (or any busted key, for that matter) – TextPander. A nifty utility that intercepts key combinations, that you define, and substitutes others. So, you could define a shortcut for some combination that doesn’t normally occur, and have it replace with a g – e.g. jj for g, JJ for G. Problem solved! 🙂
    I’ll email you a link.

  11. RJ Mical

    “The >underwear thing was hilarious”
    The requested URL /destinations/2006/07/graces_pink_pan.html

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