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Added rant.

I continue to think… late at night here at home… About the people who want to profit off other people’s every move. I am thinking of my absolute rage at my friend Derry when we were at the height of playing Magic cards in the early 90s and he was “Mr. Suitcase”. He would come in with a smile of pure car salesman and offer to buy up our rare white and green cards. (Since we were too proud and fierce to play “girly style”.) And we had Scrye magazine okay? And knew the market value… And he would offer us something we wanted… But we knew he would make an enormous profit. “Well it’s of value to you because you’re going to play with that card and have fun, and it’s the card you want. So, what does it matter to you that I make 50 bucks off your Green Lotus that you’re not going to use and you have two of them anyway?” Somehow, it mattered. (And one also suspected it was not 50 bucks, but was much more, because he knew a collector who really, really, really wanted it.) And I will always root for the person who is going to be doing the playing and not the person making the obscene profit… He just wanted to live and pay off his student loans… Also, we were “friends.” I did not hate him… I was only annoyed and suspicious and minorly resentful. But some asshole is going to get rich off of my creative play, which is work, and labor, and has value, and I’m mad as hell about that, realism be damned. I don’t have to love capitalism or its vision of the “free” market, which depends on hiding the value of people’s labor from themselves, and using that hiding to mask outrageous thievery.

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