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Adventure in the courthouse today with Jo Spanglemonkey’s daughter. Hushed intimidating atmospheres. Lots of women as tough cops and judges. Not much was happening – Friday is a slow day. We heard that Tuesday and Thursday are jury trial days so i think we should try first thing in the morning next Tuesday. Three courtrooms, two different floors, first two a bust (the Hon. Kathleen does not allow children in the court – the Hon. Anna (?) does but stuff had just ended – the Hon. somebody else did (though the bailiff pulled us outside to check on our purpose for being there). So, we watched the tail end of a preliminary hearing. Prisoners in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs led off. Then lawyers arguing that their client who is in Louisiana should not get 4 years of jail but instead, 2 years probation plus pay restitution every month for his burglary. It was interesting!

I figured Eliz. could use some indulging so I offered brunch & bookstore. Nice… mellow…. got her a book of quizzes, and answered many questions about the most humiliating thing ever, which somehow came out to spinach in my teeth, which is not true, & then a quiz about my naughtiness level. I cut in line quite a lot, but don’t lie or cheat so much.

Ide Cyan cheered me up with some quotes from Rebecca West’s>Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. Several people sent me a quote about voices in chorus and taking a breath. Ide also shove me to political not personal thinking, Matilda Joslyn Gage & Shulamith Firestone (I have always been fond of Shulamith. time to revisit? v. inspirational, relief for me, in high school. a bit of a revisit in college. No adult perspective, should reread her.) I read some short stories on Strange Horizons, including The Women of Our Occupation by Kameron Hurley. Hrmmm. Talked with Mark P. about doing metroblogging. Saw “The Ant Bully” with Chula and Moomin last night & went to La Sirena Rosa for dinner, which was not as nice as the mellow lunch atmosphere – instead they seemed a little freaked out to have a customer at all much less gabachas one with bad spanglish and a mohawk. They turned on the jukebox, stereo, and tv all at the same time in a somewhat misguided attempt to liven up the joint and make us feel at home…. I liked The Ant Bully for its funny moments despite the oddly gendered ants and ant-romance subplots. Funny bit with girl ant saying to boy ant about the kid, “They like to hide their gender traits!” And (as Rook pointed out) a jolly socialist message. (Fascist? Soldierly yet not really socialist? Revolutionary? Anxiety about matriarchy and group-think, boy coming to terms with end of patriarchal thinking & reward system. )

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